Re: 'Bodies in front of machinery': Parramatta Powerhouse hit by boycott

This is encouraging news as demolition of these heritage items is a
troubling aspect of the project, so I fully support this as it will
hopefully lead to more critical assessment of the design and the site.
Note, however, that the CFMEU is acting only to prevent the demolition of
these buildings, not against the project itself nor the notion of
relocating from Ultimo. Doubtless most of its Sydney members live in
western Sydney, so they would be at one with the government about the
principles behind the project. For those of you who want to acquaint
yourselves with some facts about the project, as opposed to some of the
porkys being run in the scare campaign, you'll find Infrastructure NSW's
FAQs page helpful:

(click on the "Library"tab)

Note that you can still make submissions about the project.

Tony P