Re: Stamp Exhibition 21Nov1989
  Andrew Cook

Hi David and Richard,

Here's a 'cleaned up' version of the image using the ancient Corel X2 software. Blemishes have been removed, colour changed, image sharpened and contrast adjusted.

Andrew Cook.

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This is the best I have, film and processing in those days was not as good as later on.
Also 143a was a crop of the original, that wouldn't help with quality.

Here are three attempts at a better image from a poor original.
The trouble with digitisation is that you end up with an image consisting of noughts and ones taken from film stock that does not consist of noughts and ones.

On Mon, 29 Jun 2020 at 20:23, 'Richard Youl' via TramsDownUnder> wrote:
Thank you David.

It has to be me. It’s mainly the cap which is the giveaway.
Barry N. who did the other portion of the shift did not wear a cap.

I still have it although it’s looking a little bit seedy these days.

If you have a better resolution version of 143a, I may be able to work out who my offsider is.



cheers and best wishes,
David in
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