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Mon.20.4.20 Metro Twitter9.30 Lilydale/Belgrave lines: Minor delays (an equipment fault near Canterbury). Trains will use altered platforms between Box Hill and Camberwell.- 11.02 clearing.12.21  Cranbourne line: Minor delays after an equipment fault near Lynbrook.17.35 Craigieburn/Upfield lines: Minor delays (an 'operational incident' near North Melbourne. Trains may use altered platforms at North Melbourne. Passengers onboard the 17.22 Flinders St to Upfield remain on the train.- 18.05 clearing.17.54 Werribee line: Minor delays (an equipment fault near Laverton)- 18.28 Delays extending due to an ongoing equipment fault near Laverton. Select trains may terminate/originate at Newport.- 19.08 clearing- 19.52 Citybound delays (an equipment fault near Aircraft). All citybound trains will run direct Laverton - Newport, not via Westona.  Change at Newport for an outbound train for Seaholme, Altona or Westona.- 21.03 Some citybound trains will run direct Laverton - Newport.- 21.29 clearing.19.15  Hurstbridge line: Citybound delays (an equipment fault near Fairfield).- 19.53  clearing.Buses replace trains Dandenong - Pakenham from 20.10 until the last train (works).Sunbury line: Buses replace trains North Melbourne - Sunshine from 20.30 until the last train (maintenance works).Sunbury/Craigieburn/Upfield lines: All trains will run direct to/from Flinders St from 20.45 until the last train (works). From loop stations take a Flinders St train from pfm 1, and change [and lose 30 min; this has to be  specially-provided city-circle train]Buses replace trains North Melbourne - Upfield from 20.50 until the last train (maintenance works).Buses replace trains Epping - Mernda from 20.50 until the last train (works).
April 19, 2020 'People want to work': Opposition's call to speed up parked METRONET projects for job boost. WA opposition leader Liza Harvey says it makes “no sense” to delay important transport and infrastructure projects during the pandemic as the state’s unemployment rate reaches nearly six per cent. At a press conference on Sunday, Ms Harvey called on the state government to release its plan for jobs and economic recovery post COVID-19, and parked METRONET and infrastructure projects needed to start as soon as possible to ease the current unemployment rate.“We’ve got METRONET projects that haven’t started,” she said.“We’ve got money sitting in the bank and no jobs flowing into the economy ... we need jobs, we need people to be employed so that they can spend money in our businesses and stop all of these small businesses from going to the wall because of COVID-19.“I would implore the state government to look at the unique set of circumstances Western Australia finds ourselves in, but most importantly, get the infrastructure projects started, get the jobs flowing, people want to work.”<www.watoday.com.au/national/western-australia/wa-coronavirus-live-artania-crew-to-depart-wa-as-premier-reveals-minor-changes-to-rules-soon-to-come-20200418-p54l2d.html>

Five big solar farms set to increase energy output after tests April 20, 2020. 16 comments [with ATN]<www.smh.com.au/environment/sustainability/five-big-solar-farms-set-to-increase-energy-output-after-tests-20200420-p54lf0.html:

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