Re: Re: Tramway Conventions Cancelled account COVID 19
  Mal Rowe

On 28/06/2020 20:13, 'Brent Efford' via TramsDownUnder wrote:
> A la COTMA 2020 – now COTMA 2021.


> It may be that even the latter won’t happen, and the Zoom meetings for

> tram enthusiasts, as pioneered by Dave Hinman for the THS, will be the

> way of the future.

Let's all hope not - even though sharing pics and stories across the
ditch last week was most enjoyable.

The current draft dates and plans for COTMA and related events in 2021 are:

•    Conference – Evening of Thursday 9th September to lunchtime Tuesday
14th September 2021at Bendigo
•    Post Conference tour - lunchtime Tuesday 14th September 2021 to
Friday 17th September - heading to the Murray and just over the SA border.
•    Ballarat 50th anniversary of closure events Saturday 18th and 19th
September 2021.

Put the dates in your planner!

Mal Rowe - COTMA secretary who anticipates that there will be some low
key pre-conference activities in Melbourne.