Re: R 1738 in the Powerhouse collection

By the condition it last ran in service I mean mechanically. Doubtless it
had to be painted and freshened up as all cars were in pretty faded
condition by the last days.

It's a pity the designer isn't acknowledged in MAAS's description.

Trams that are unique to a particular city (as opposed to mass produced
trams that appeared in many cities) can have an iconic role in defining
popular perceptions of cities and the designs by Fergus Nicholls Maclean
(of which this was one of his last new designs) certainly helped define the
popular image of Sydney along with its ferries. Maclean's work also showed
its influence in the Brisbane Dropcentre (of which the first was built at
Randwick) and FM which was a derivative design. Melbourne no doubt had an
original designer of the W style. Industrial designers are worth
acknowledging and celebrating when they leave such a lasting positive mark.

Tony P