Re: Powerhouse collection to be 'scattered' across NSW, plans reveal

I've also been searching around for some graphic illustration of the
structure of Sydney into the future, from a transport perspective, for
those of you interstate who may still hold an historic view of Sydney as
they remember it. This diagram is from the rail system plan for Sydney
which is in the process of ongoing construction. (The thinnest three lines
are BRT long-distance bus corridors for corridors of lower demand.) The
diagram shows both metro and suburban lines without distinction, so you'll
have to draw on your knowledge, or another map, to identify the suburban
lines. However, in blending both systems, the map makes a point of its own
- that this is an integrated whole. The map vividly demonstrates how the
former radial nature of the suburban rail system is being transformed into
a grid to equalise access across all directions of travel in Sydney,
without having to go via Central which is mostly the case on the existing
suburban system. It also illustrates the position of Parramatta in this
network, thus making the point that I'm trying to get across.

I worked at Parramatta for two or three years, in one of the numerous
organisations that have relocated their headquarters there. It's fine and
has everything you'd want in a city (except a technology museum!). The
population of CIty of Parramatta, admittedly a much larger area, is a bit
larger than that of City of Sydney, about a quarter million. Parramatta CBD
is bigger and busier than Hobart, Canberra or any Australian regional city.
Parramatta is surrounded by some of the most populous municipalities in
NSW. How much more do I have to say?!

Tony P

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