Re: TMSV # 28
  David Featherstone

Thanks Paul, always grateful for your recollections. Memories indeed.
Forgot about Keith being there, of course he was. I dropped him home very
late 70s after some TMSV soiree in a hall in Rutland Road Box Hill, it
must have been Through Road. 559 ended up at a school off South Road
Moorabbin. I am sure she is kindling now.

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> The picture of W2 559 is taken on Riversdale Road passing Glendale Street.

> Clearly taken before the duplication work commenced in 1970.


> I remember W2 559 as a Camberwell car; wasn’t it the one involved in the

> infamous collision at the corner of Flinders and Swanston Streets in 1968?


> The Wattle Park postcode 3128 could be explained by the fact that the post

> office was always on the east side of Elgar Road (despite at least two

> different locations) making it technically in Box Hill.


> Maybe in the single track era, the border between Surrey Hills and Burwood

> was in the middle of the tram rails? It was definitely Surrey Hills on both

> sides of Riversdale between Warrigal Road (route 71 short working) and

> Through Road – where a Bundy clock was located. (Through Road was also the

> long time residential address of the late Keith Kings – a well known

> Melbourne tramway identity).


> The Riversdale Road/Park Road/Elgar Road corner was the southeast

> extremity of Surrey Hills where I grew up in the 1950s and 1960s.


> In a similar manner, I recall the south side of Whitehorse Road near the

> former Mont Albert tram terminus was also part of Surrey Hills.


> Fascinating what memories and trivia an everyday tram photo from many

> years ago can prompt.


> Paul in Melbourne


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