Re: TMSV # 29
  Peter Bruce

Forgot to mention that the original Moreland terminus at the railway gates
is still in place in the 571 photo.

On Mon, 29 Jun 2020 at 13:57, Peter Bruce p1.bruce@...> wrote:

> 568, W2 with and RC short handled controller, a "coffee grinder" such cars

> unpopular with drivers as you were always banging your left elbow on the

> saloon door jamb. I always felt too that the RC controllers were not a good

> fit with W2s. The combination seemed unable to make for smooth

> acceleration. Maybe it was just me. 568 was formerly fitted with Dick Kerr

> controllers. 571 is emerging from Cameron St Brunswick and Brunswick Depot,

> I don't remember it as a Brunswick car, possibly an Essendon car having had

> its wheel flats ground off, there was no grinder at Essendon. I hope these

> tramway minutiae are of interest to some.


> Regards to all,


> Peter Bruce.


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>> Cheers


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