RAAF Trams in Melbourne and Sydney
  Ian Saxon

Both Sydney and Melbourne had trams painted all over to promote the RAAF.

I don’t have any details about the Melbourne tram and I cannot find out the number but I have attached two photos with a man in a panama hat wanting to get into both pictures.

In Sydney, R1 car 1974 was the car to be painted in RAAF colours in February 1952 and Martin Pinches produced an excellent article in the August/Septembet 2011 edition of Trolleywire magazine about this car. I have attached a Noel Reed coloured photo of 1974 in George Street Sydney in September 1952..

In September 2001, STM R1 car 2001 was also painted in RAAF colours for a proposed but unsuccessful venture in Canberra. It was returned to Loftus in 2005 and has operated in those colours since. It is planned to repaint the tram back into the standard green and cream colours.



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02662 Syd Tram Mus R1 2001 & W2 249 War Memorial Canberra 130901 copy  |  3936W x 2538H  | 449.48 KB |  Photo details