Re: Re: OT All door loading

The tide is finally flowing quite strongly in Australia now. NSW - the
state with the heaviest public transport usage and most in need of all door
loading - will probably be the last outpost of front door loading. Funnily
enough in my early life in Sydney everything was all door loading, even my
local private buses. The front door disease took hold from the late 1950s
onwards. It's amazing how much long-term damage these bright ideas can
cause, particularly the Pavlovian legacy where people are battered into
doing things a certain way and take years to unlearn it, long after it's no
longer required.

Tony P

On Thursday, 11 July 2019 22:27:35 UTC+10, espee8800 wrote:

> I quite agree and having experienced the fast(er) loading with both doors

> in use, I wish they would extend it to all; at least the routes that claim

> to be "smart" and it should include the two or three "smart buses" not in

> the 900 series.