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  Greg King

What confounds me is, they cry that there are not enough cars and yet they are scrapping the ALRV’s and CLRV’s with indecent haste. I think there is only about 5 ALRV’s left on the property. They may not be what they want at the moment but it seems bloody minded to remove them before the rest of the new fleet are in service!


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Talk is 505, 511, 502 and 503 will be bus until more cars arrived late 2020, if then. A few lines may see buses also to help with the ridership and headway.

With TTC doing this, they have to order more buses to meet the need for buses on the road considering TTC was to decease the fleet in 2022 with the opening of the Crosstown line. If TTC has to add more buses over what they have, they need another bus garage and no land to build on for it. TTC needs to add those buses to their 5 & 10 year budget. TTC McNicoll garage that is to open in 2020 was a 5 year process and over $300 million to build as a P3..

TTC Is screw one way or another thanks to Ford budget cutting.


Subject: RE: Thunder Bay: The End of BBD Thunder Bay Plant About To Happen In 2020????

sounds like some lines will be "bussed" long term as Ford gets his way
via the back door.
P3 has been a disaster where ever it has been used for more than a few



> At this time, Thunder Bay only has 99 more bi-level cars for GO Transit and 37 LRV's for TTC to be built by year end or first quarter of 2020. There is nothing else in the pipeline in the way of orders for this plant at this time.


> BBD doesn't have a good track record with TTC for both the LRV's as well the new TR subway train. It has been stated a number of time by Toronto City staff that BBD be bar from bidding on the next order of subway cars that has been pushed down the road thanks to Ford budget cutting. Even more LRV's has been pushed down the road.


> GO Transit can't order more cars until the P3 contract is awarded that will cover the RER 15 minute service on all lines by 2024 as well electrification. Ordering new equipment for the existing system and the RER will be handle by the P3 winning who will said what is needed to meet the 2024 time frame, as well down the road.


> There is talk that BBD is pushing the Innovia Platform built at Millhaven's (Kingston) Plant for Toronto Ontario Line in place of a subway.


> The plant is about 110 years old and costly to ship to/from the plant


> Dave