Re: Re: OT All door loading
  Matthew Geier

On 10/7/19 8:43 am, Prescott wrote:
> Thanks for the tip-off. There's no statement that I've seen yet that

> it's official policy in Victoria but it seems to run on a pragmatic,

> turn-a-blind-eye basis. Another good mark for Victoria. Who's the

> contract operator for the 902?

Unofficial all door boarding has been practiced in Victoria for some
time. I remember boarding at the center door at the airport on the '901'
a couple of years back, but later being told off by a driver for trying
to use the centre door on another route.

I suspect it's just that many drivers just don't care anymore and see no
problem and there has been no official instruction either way. Wait till
some one falls getting on at the centre door and has the door close on
them and files a compensation claim.

At lot of centre door boarding happens at Sydney Uni stops, although
many drivers have got expert at closing that centre door the moment the
last person steps off to discourage this behavior.