Re: Electric buses
  David McLoughlin

Tony P wrote:

> The electric train service down the south coast is the slowest commuter

rail service in Australia, averaging about 55 km/h over mostly straight
track. It's a political disgrace that has persisted for many many years.
The railcar ride south of Kiama is a pleasant one with some spectacular
coastal scenery, most of it viewable from the bus too.

While I agree the train is slow by comparison with some other services, it
was a joy for we Kiwis, for its scenery all the way, not just the railcar
section. New Zealand has no comparable passenger services (hardly any
passenger services at all outside the Auckland and Wellington EMU commuter
lines). We have driven between Sydney and Berry (and Wollongong) several
times, but never taken the train before, so it was great fun. I wouldn't
probably find it enjoyable if I did it twice daily to get to and from work.
I was interested to see various electric local services in the Wollongong
area as we passed through; I hadn't known they existed -- only your
favourite bus there Tony ! Yes we have been to the university in the past.

Thanks for the information about why there is also a Kiama-Bomaderry bus.
Didn't know that either.

david mcloughlin, New Zealand
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