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There is still no end in sight for the yahell disaster, and no message from management.
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190705F 'Canberra Times' - tram stage 2. 
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Transport enthusiasts grew up in the era of Goons, Mad and Monty Python.<www.theage.com.au/entertainment/comedy/the-bible-of-satire-and-comedy-cartoonists-comedians-mourn-mad-magazine-s-end-20190705-p524h4.html>
Fri.5.7.19 Metro Twitter.7.17 Yet another no show train- the 7.04 from Werribee was a last moment cancellation.  Did any station announcements get made?- Not when I was on the platform. I had to ask someone who was there before me.This particular train is cancelled regularly. It is becoming frustrating, especially when the next one is packed full.10.10 Rally in the city: - Route 96 trams run in sections, with no trams between Stop 7 Russell St and Stop 22 Holden St.  Passengers can use bus route 250/251 to connect between Holden St and the City via Rathdowne St. Buses run every 10 minutes.- Route 86 trams towards Waterfront City Docklands divert via St Georges Rd and Brunswick St between stop 42 Dundas St and stop 10 Parliament station.- Route 86 trams divert via La Trobe St between stop 11 Melbourne Museum & Spencer St. Extra Route 86a trams run in Bourke St between Stop 119 La Trobe St and Stop 7 Russell St.- 11.30 Route 86/96 trams in both directions divert via La Trobe Street between Stop 11 Melbourne Museum and Spencer St. Consider city loop trains.- Route 86 trams towards Docklands are also delayed near Clifton Hill Interchange (an ill passenger).  They divert via route 11 and La Trobe St between Stop 42 Dundas St and Spencer St.- Extra Route 86a trams run in Bourke Street between Stop 119 La Trobe St and Stop 4 Queen St.12.04:- Route 5, 67 and 72 trams from south-eastern suburbs are terminating at stop 14 Arts Precinct- Route 1, 3, 6, 16, 64 trams divert via Kingsway, Queensbridge St, William St and La Trobe St between Stop 22 Toorak Rd and Stop 7 RMIT University.  Route 1 run a limited shuttle service between Arts Precinct and South Melbourne Beach.12.42:- Route 86 trams have resumed, with delays.- Route 96 trams have resumed, with delays.- Route 11/12/48/109 trams in both directions are delayed.- Route 70/75 and City Circle trams in Flinders Street are delayed.- Route 75 trams divert via Spring and La Trobe streets between Stop 9 Lansdowne St and Stop D3 Etihad Stadium12.50 The intersection of Flinders Street and Swanston Street in the Melbourne CBD is blocked for a march. - Route 11/12/48/109 trams have resumed, with delays.- Route 1/3/5/6/16/64/67/72 trams have resumed, with delays.- 13.02 Route 70/75 trams have resumed, with delays.14.08 No route 70 trams run between Stop 50 Wattle Valley Rd and Wattle Park (a traffic incident in Riversdale Road).- Consider Bus 903 along Warrigal Road, or bus 281/bus 767 along Elgar Road to connect with route 75 trams.- Replacement buses run between Wattle Park and Stop 49 Glyndon Rd, diverting around the incident via Elgar Road, Canterbury Road, Highfield Road and Riversdale Road. Stops 61 Elgar Rd to 57 Glendale St re not serviced by replacement buses.- 18.57 Route 70 trams have resumed, with delays.- What caused the disruption to linger for more than 5 hours?14.29 Box Hill: No lift access until further notice (an equipment fault). Passengers travelling to Box Hill from Belgrave/Lilydale, change at Surrey Hills for an outbound train. All outbound trains will depart from Platform 4 until further notice.- 15.38 Lift access has been restored to platforms 2 & 3. Normal platform departures have also resumed.16.33 Because of an emergency services action:- No Swanston Street trams are running between Stop 4 Queensberry Street and Melbourne University. - Route 1 and 6 trams divert via Sydney Road between Moreland Road and Stop 7 RMIT University.- Limited shuttle service along Lygon Street between Stop 112 Lygon Street and East Coburg/Moreland.- Consider bus 506 along Glenlyon Road, bus 508 Blyth Street, bus 503 Albion Street to connect with diverting services.- Route 67 trams to Melbourne University are also delayed by a tram fault at Glen Huntly station.- 18.30:- Limited replacement buses run along Lygon Street between Stop 4 Queensberry Street and Moreland Road. Stop 1 Melbourne University and stop 3 Lincoln Square will not be served.- No Route 67 trams run between Stop 53 Glenhuntly tram depot and Carnegie due to a tram fault at Glenhuntly Station.- Route 67 trams have resumed along Glen Huntly Road, with delays.- Swanston Street trams have resumed, with delays.- Your on-tram announcements are rubbish can you tell people how we are meant to get to stop 112? If you can't walk it what are people to do?- How do we get from RMIT where we were thrown off tram to the shuttle bus?- Replacement buses are running from Stop 4 Queensberry Street to East Coburg and Moreland.- Really? the tram driver told us to walk to Lygon and Elgin so you might want to tell your drivers what's going on and update in tram message17.21 Sandringham line: Minor delays (an equipment fault near Richmond).- 21.30 Clearing.17.27 Mernda/Hurstbridge line: Minor delays (an equipment fault near Flinders St).- 19.43 Clearing.18.00 Frankston line: Minor delays (a defective tram blocking Glen Huntly Rd level crossing at Glen Huntly). Trains will be held at platforms until further notice.- 18.24 Buses to replace trains between Caulfield & Moorabbin.- 18.30 23 buses ordered, eta 45min.- Announcement just made on train stuck at Toorak says tram will be cleared in 20 minutes. Someone is being less than honest: you or the driver?- So in summary - minor delay, major delay, line suspended with buses enroute but 45 min away, now everything is back running. You are just amazing with your ineptitude.- Anyone stranded before Caulfield: New bus route Cranbourne - Seaford possible alternative if you need to get to that area.. Started running only recently.- Where do we send the bills for ubers and taxis given you're incompetent at getting people home?- Nice of the driver to tell us! Someone had to ask the PSOs and check Twitter.- Re the lack of announcements, the driver should have made some.- Not good enough. Apparently the line has been delayed for a while. You have a train full of passengers. An incredibly unreliable service.- There should be announcements onboard. We are working with YT to move the faulty tram.- Major being indefinite or is there an eta?- We are working with Yarra Trams to move the defective tram out of the way. We will post updates as they come to hand.- Can't you just push it out of the way?- YT is on-site, working on moving the tram.- Is their an alternative route for the Frankston line?- Is it worth changing at South Yarra to a Cranbourne train and catching the Seaford bus instead? Since we are sitting in an idle train with no ETA?- Try moving the tram then.- Super helpful for everyone who can’t even get to Caulfield!!- We’ve sat on a stationary train nearby for 20 minutes, only to be told (via Twitter, as our driver just said the Metro notifications he was getting now aren’t working!) that we now have to catch a bus. Really?- The Frankston line is currently suspended between Caulfield - Moorabbin and buses have been ordered to replace trains. The situation is dynamic and we will post updates as they come to hand.- That doesn’t really cut it. We’re stuck here not even at Caulfield station (we’re at Malvern wasting time). Our poor driver hasn’t said boo since he admitted YOUR notification system wasn’t working for him and he had nothing to tell us.- Our app has been sending messages constantly since this incident occurred. Train services are now resuming.- The situation was changing constantly, and we did not have an estimated timeframe.  The tram was pushed off our tracks and we could resume.- 18.42 Trains are resuming, with delays.- Really? How did your driver not know? Seems a strange coincidence- Drivers should be receiving information from our train controllers, not the Metro Notify App. Can you let us know which service you were on so we can follow this up?- That's not what the train driver said on our stranded Frankston line train 1min ago- Can you let us know what they said? The line is currently suspended and buses have been ordered to replace trains.- On the Carrum bound train just before GH - driver advising another tram is attempting to push the stuck tram.- That is correct. We have been advised that services are to resume.- How hard is it to drag the team a few feet of the crossing?- The tram has been moved out of the way, services are now resuming.- Woohooo!- Minor delays.- 19.00 Trains may terminate/originate from intermediate stations to alleviate congestion [ie we can't cope].- Looks like I'll be charged double to get home tonight as it will take more than two hours.- Why don’t you inform you staff of these issues? Your main level customer service woman had no idea.- Can you let us know at which station so we can forward your feedback on?
Melbourne Express, Friday, July 5, 2019* Try some Italian pastries, Greek sweets and mulled wine in the heart of MelbourneThe European Night Market returns to Madame Brussels Lane every Friday night this month.Credit: We can't all dart off to Europe for the holidays. But at least we can pretend..The European Night Market returns to Madame Brussels Lane every Friday night this month.There's Italian pastries, Greek sweets, raclette, paella and bretzels.* Teens threatened with knuckle dusters at tram stop Police are looking for these people.Two teens were threatened with knuckle dusters, one was assaulted and both had valuables stolen while they waited at a tram stop in Maribyrnong last month. A group of armed males approached the male teens at a tram stop near the corner of Rosamond Road and Aquatic Drive about 8.30pm on 20 June.Two of the offfenders threatened the victims before assaulting one of them. They then stole the teenagers' mobile phones, wallets, jackets, a watch and shoes.* Free lunchtime concert, but commuters warned to steer clear of CBDSinger-songwriter Dan Sultan. Credit: Justin McManusDan Sultan will play at a free concert for NAIDOC Week in Fed Square today..NAIDOC in the City is a celebration of Aboriginal resilience, culture and achievements. The event runs from 11.30am till 2.30pm and will be hosted by comedian Shiralee Hood.The concert is part of a wider NAIDOC celebration and city rally today, and PTV is warning commuters that up to 16 trams in the CBD may be affected between 11.30am and 3pm.* Commuters have been advised to use city loop trams around the city instead.Plan for extra time if you're heading to the footy this weekend.Credit:Josh RobenstoneBe prepared to leave home earlier if you're heading to the footy this weekend, because a slew of disruptions are about to hit some of our busiest train lines, writes Yan Zhuang.This weekend marks the beginning of the state government's "winter construction blitz", a massive series of power, signalling and communication upgrades across the city's transport network.Passengers trying to get to the MCG or Marvel Stadium on the Cranbourne, Pakenham or Frankston lines this weekend will need to plan ahead, with buses replacing trains between Flinders Street and Caulfield from Saturday to next Friday.Buses will also replace trains throughout the whole Sandringham line this weekend and next weekend.* video Projectile smashes through bus window, sending driver to hospitalA projectile has smashed through the window of a bus in Melbourne’s east, sending the driver to hospital after it hit him in the head.The hunt is ramping up for people responsible for a spate of ball bearing attacks on Melbourne buses that left one driver in hospital.Five buses and a truck were hit with ball bearings, believed to have been fired from a slingshot, within half a kilometre of each other in Mount Waverley on Tuesday afternoon.Five buses and a truck were struck with flying objects in Mount Waverley earlier this week, which left at least one bus driver with serious injuries after he was hit in the head.Emergency services were called to the intersection of Solomon Street and Huntingdale Road about 3.20pm on Tuesday after reports that an object had gone through a bus window and struck the driver in the head.The driver, aged in his 60s, was taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries.Police say five other buses and one truck were struck in the same area between 2.30 and 3.30pm. No one else was injured.Police will set up an information caravan at 11am today near Solomon Street and Huntingdale Road, Mount Waverley, in a bid to speak to any passengers who were on the buses.Anyone with information should contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or the website.* 5.39 There are major delays on the Craigieburn and Pakenham lines due to a couple of cancelled services, but a good service on all other lines.<www.theage.com.au/national/victoria/melbourne-express-friday-july-5-2019-20190704-p5241f.html>
Tram stop to rise from ashes — with one problemPort Phillip Leader July 4, 2019Middle Park Light Rail Station rebuild includes reduced verandaA characteristic Middle Park light rail station which burnt down last year is being rebuilt but — due to modern day safety standards — a large part of its charming facade will be missing. Builders at work on the Middle Park Tram Stop. Picture Norm OorloffA tram stop destroyed by fire last year is being rebuilt brick by brick, but with its characteristic veranda only half the size it originally was.Yarra Trams and the state government promised to rebuild the Middle Park Light Rail Station, home to Mart 130 Cafe, after it burnt down in February last year.But the cafe owner Kate Anstee said the reduced veranda wasn’t good enough“The major feature of the original station building was its sprawling veranda, its mammoth size stretching to just under 13 meters long by just over four meters wide,” she said.A fire destroyed the Middle Park light rail station and a cafe February 20 2018.“At the very least, the veranda should be extended from the proposed two-meter depth to at least three meters.“Anything short of this will ensure the building looks amiss and a poor and cheap reproduction of the original.”Not only is Ms Anstee worried about the heritage value of the building, she also thinks a two-metre veranda would be inadequate for providing shelter.“The original veranda stretched over both the upper platform and lower platform, providing shelter to cafe patrons and travellers alike,” she said.Mart 150 Cafe owner Kate Anstee says a two-metre veranda is inadequate. Picture: Josie Hayden“The proposed reduction in veranda size will now see tram passengers, many of whom are schoolchildren, get very wet.”The cafe has operated at the building since 2006, with Ms Anstee and Richard Anstee taking over about seven years ago.The former railway station was built in 1883 but Port Phillip Mayor Dick Gross said the building did not have a heritage overlay and believed the proposed veranda would provide adequate shelter.Yarra Trams spokesman Ginny Hollands said the rebuild would maintain the area’s historic character.“The new structure has been built to meet current building, access and safety standards while retaining the look and feel of the original architecture.”Mr Gross said those guidelines included maintaining a minimum distance between any new building and overhead tram wires.THE BRIGHTON HOUSE WITH A TREE IN FRONT OF THE GARAGEHOUSING PLAN THAT COULD 'DESTROY NEIGHBOURHOOD' FOREVER<www.heraldsun.com.au/leader/inner-east/middle-park-light-rail-station-rebuild-includes-reduced-veranda/news-story/a7dd16fb7c72533b24555a0220c87e7e>* It's ironic how the cost cutting of something like this.But the Govt and CC (City Councils) and BB are all for building, poorly made buildings and housing etc, riddled with the poorly made cladding and other such major faults in them.Such a shame, really. I thought that in the past, we of not just Victoria, but of all of OZ.Took pride of what built and how we built things.But not anymore.. All just for the money, now.Shame on all of your linked to the Building industry.(It's a bad as the Car, Truck and Phone and other mobs, too)* It's the same with new railway station verandahs: to be safe for roof-cleaning workers, they have to be too narrow to be useful for sheltering  passengers.  The standards were not handed down on stone tablets, they were written by somebody to justify his/her job.
Commuters miss out on refunds for rail, tram delays
Herald Sun July 5, 2019Despite a horror month on Melbourne’s public transport, thousands of commuters are missing out on compensation they deserve, with public transport advocates saying the system should change.video: A comparison between Australia’s different train networks.Public transport advocates say commuters have been ­dudded after Metro Trains and Yarra Trams paid just $68,000 in compensation for a horror month on the rails. In March, both operators failed their punctuality targets so poorly they had to compensate commuters for the first time since new contracts began.Over that time, one in 10 trains on the metropolitan network did not run on time while nearly a quarter of trams failed to arrive at stops when they were supposed to.The operators were forced to offer the value of a single daily fare to anyone with a Myki pass valid for 28 days or more who used services for at least 10 days.But figures obtained by the Herald Sun show just 7732 people have claimed the free fares despite tens of thousands of Victorians being impacted by disruptions.The majority of these were for Metro customers, with Yarra Trams paying out $2041.60 in fares across 232 customers.Public Transport Users Association president Daniel Bowen says compensation should be paid automatically to Myki cards. Picture: Valeriu CampanPublic Transport Users Association spokesman Daniel Bowen said most people were not bothering to apply for compensation because it was too difficult.“The eligibility for compensation is very narrow, as it excludes passengers using Myki Money, and only applies when the entire network falls below the threshold, even if individual lines continually suffer from disruptions,” he said.“Elsewhere in the world, compensation is automatically paid to eligible passengers — deposited directly to their smartcard. This is possible under Myki as well.“The compensation scheme would be a lot fairer if all regular passengers were eligible, and if compensation was paid back automatically to passengers, without them having to fill in a form.”Prior to March, Metro had not paid any passenger compensation since February 2013 while Yarra Trams had paid compensation four times since new contracts began in November 2017.Public Transport Victoria chief executive Jeroen Weimar said the current contracts had tough new targets designed to benefit passengers.It comes as a winter construction blitz hits services on the Cranbourne, Pakenham and Frankston lines from today, with buses replacing trains between Caulfield and Flinders St until July 14.The Sandringham line will also be shut this weekend and next weekend, coaches will replace Traralgon and Bairnsdale train services, and Carrum station will be closed from today until early next year.Tram services on Fitzroy St and St Kilda Rd will also be ­disrupted from July 19 to July 28.TRAM CRASHES ON THE RISESTRIKES MAY HIT TRAMSCONSTRUCTION BLITZ TO SHUT DOWN MELBOURNE TRAINS<www.heraldsun.com.au/news/victoria/commuters-miss-out-on-refunds-for-rail-tram-delays/news-story/ef40441858e8088401f138e890ad5257>
More transport misery to hit Melbourne commuters in July and August July 5, 2019. 13 commentsCommuters should brace for several weeks of public transport misery in and around Melbourne as the state government embarks on another school holidays “building blitz” on its transport upgrade projects.There will be disruption to train services on the Frankston, Mernda and Sandringham lines while Gippsland commuters are being offered free travel as yet another round of upgrade works interrupts their journeys.Commuters are in for more transport misery.Credit:Craig AbrahamActing Premier Lisa Neville and Public Transport Minister Melissa Horne were in Kensington on Friday morning, where one of the Metro Tunnel entrances is being built, saying school holidays were the least disruptive time to get the work done.Buses will replace trains between Caulfield and Flinders Street on the Cranbourne, Pakenham and Frankston lines from July 6 to July 14, extending to Westall and Moorabbin on July 13 and 14.The entire Sandringham line will be shut down on weekends during the same period with buses replacing trains.Gippsland rail passengers will have to take coaches to replace Traralgon and Bairnsdale trains for the entire journey during the works.Carrum station will close from Saturday until early 2020 while it is rebuilt.A temporary track will be laid so trains can continue to run while the new station goes up.. The line will be shut between Mordialloc and Frankston from July 20 to July 28 while the track work is done.Mernda line trains will not stop at Reservoir between July 20 and August 4 while a new elevated station is built.Buses will also replace trains on some weekends and evenings in July and August.There will be work done on tram tracks and overhead wiring along St Kilda Road and Fitzroy Street from July 19 to July 28.The intersection will shut for the weekend of July 20-21 with detours and some road closures until Sunday July 28. Buses will replace trams in affected areas along routes 3, 16 and 67.Related Article Sydney Trains At $1b a month, state funding for transport dwarfs federal money<www.theage.com.au/national/victoria/more-transport-misery-to-hit-melbourne-commuters-in-july-and-august-20190705-p524fo.html>* The whole scheme is part of saturation propaganda, and it has succeeded in fooling most of the population.  For over 100 years, management and engineers could cope with projects of this magnitude without shutting down the lines.  Today's can't.  PTV has never once provided an effective bus-replacement service, but sits back smugly and throws the responsibility onto hapless passengers: 'Allow 60 more minutes for your journey'.
* The only misery is to the readers who have to read headlines like this for the next 10 years.* It’s ironic that getting rid of level crossings is a big win for road traffic yet it’s the rail travellers that suffer the disruption whilst these level crossings are removed.* when the crossings are gone, signalling can be improved to allow more trains to run through a segment at one time. so ultimately increased services.* does the State Political Editor (and indeed the editorial staff) expect someone to wave a magic wand and for the whole project to be complete? Construction doesn't just happen you know, no matter who is in power, no matter who is the project manager. What are you trying to achieve? Perhaps the complaint should be that this upheaval didn't happen about a generation ago, when it should have happened, rather than the fact that we have to put up with it now. The alternative is to do nothing. Which would you prefer? Really great journalism (sarcasm intended)!* How to turn a positive story about progress being made in Victoria into one of negativity and ‘misery’. Great journalism.* No pain no gain.* Am I the only one suffering a bit of "construction fatigue"? Also, I would be interested in hearing why the government is not engaging with employers to promote work-from-home plans, staggered working hours, utilising non-CBD office accommodation assets and other approaches to reduce the number of commuters during the period of disruption? The NSW Government applied that approach in 2000 during the Olympics and it worked beautifully.* The construction and all removals would be complete before the 'discussions' and fake promises by Gov Co got started.* Australia is in the dark ages when it comes to working from home.* While perhaps not perfect, the last round of Caulfield to City bus replacements on the Frankston line was not nearly as painful as it could have been. There was next to no waiting times, I got to sit in a comofrtable bus seat and had a scenic walk past the Arts Centre and Yarra River. It's not all doom and discomfort!* It's a pity your coverage isn't a bit more positive. Sure, it will take commuters a few extra minutes to get from A to B on the weekend, but what a marvellous improvement will result. Why not actually provide information about what works are occurring for the tens of thousands of people who are interested in the details of whats happening. Surely that's just as easy as whingeing?* It's a bit of a cheek that we don't get a credit on our Mykis or something to compensate for this disruption
Construction blitz to shut sections of Melbourne’s train networkHerald Sun July 5, 2019Four train lines shut down tomorrow for a major winter construction blitz, throwing plans into chaos for tens of thousands of footy fans. Here’s how to avoid the disruptions.A winter construction blitz will see sections of Melbourne’s train network shut down in the coming weeks causing pain for commuters.Trains on the Cranbourne, Pakenham and Frankston line will be impacted from tomorrow, with buses replacing services between Caulfield and Flinders St for a week.This is coupled with a shutdown of the Sandringham line on weekends.There are four AFL matches in Melbourne this weekend.The blitz starting tomorrow includes:* Cranbourne and Pakenham lines: Buses replace trains between Flinders Street and Caulfield;* Frankston and Stony Point lines: Buses replace trains between Flinders Street and Caulfield;* Sandringham Line: Buses replace trains between Flinders Street and Sandringham; and,* Gippsland Line: Coaches replace all trains between Southern Cross and Traralgon / Bairnsdale.In a bid to ease the pain Gippsland passengers will be offered free travel.In Carrum, a temporary track is being built so trains can continue to run while works are carried out.However, buses will be in use between Mordialloc and Frankston from July 20 to 28 while the temporary structure is put in place.On the Mernda line, trains run will run express through Reservoir from July 20 to August 4 to make way for a new elevated station.Football fans won’t have much fun catching public transport this weekend. Picture: Mark DadswellMinister for Public Transport Melissa Horne said the shutdowns were necessary.“I thank passengers for their patience while we deliver these vital works and encourage them to plan ahead and allow extra time to get where they’re going,” she said.Work is also underway on a ramp that will connect Sunbury line trains into the Metro Tunnel, marking an important milestone in the long-term project.Acting Premier Lisa Neville said: “We’re building the entrance to the Metro Tunnel, which will carry more trains, more often into the heart of the city and across the suburbs.“It’s part of the massive winter construction blitz that will also see work to remove dangerous level crossings on the Frankston and Mernda lines ramp up.”While most of the work will impact train commuters there will also be upgrade works to tram tracks and overhead wiring along St Kilda Rd and Fitzroy St from July 19 with buses to replace routes along the affected areas.For more information visit ptv.vic.gov.au or vicroads.vic.gov.au* Beware of spin: 'construction blitz' and 'more trains more often'.PTV has never once provided an effective bus replacement, and will fail again this time.There was a time when managers and engineers could undertake work  of this magnitude without shutting down the lines.  Today's can't.  At least they could provide more buses, with dedicated traffic lanes, and double the frequency of the connecting trains.* No mention Ballarat line closed as well, Herald Sun a bit like the State Government and forgetting the West as well* I watch it on foxtel, by the way I follow Richmond, have done since 1969.* Hang on the heading says how to avoid it, but then doesn't offer any solutions!* It's a bit like Thompsons Rd, started 4years ago and still have witches hats everywhere. Should have got a Chinese work crew.* Nice to see that was planned well.  The temporary track closure on the Frankston line between Mordialloc & Frankston should have been timed to coincide with the tunnel works at South Yarra to avoid lots of stop-start, is-it/isn't-it pain & confusion.* The transport system for the Latrobe Valley has been appalling for at least the last 12 months<www.heraldsun.com.au/news/victoria/construction-blitz-to-shut-sections-of-melbournes-train-network/news-story/70b3642ff688967b3df37e34700a6ab3>

Anti-Adani protesters cause peak-hour delays in Sydney CBD July 5, 2019
Hundreds of anti-Adani protesters flocked to the Sydney and Brisbane CBDs for co-ordinated rallies on Friday evening where they stalled traffic, and handed out chocolate and flyers to motorists.The peak-hour protests were billed as a bid to "stop cities to stop Adani" by organisers opposed to the controversial mining project in Queensland's Galilee Basin.
video Adani protestors overrun Sydney CBD.Hundreds of protestors have taken to Sydney CBD to protest the Adani mine. In Sydney, protesters congregated at Town Hall around 5pm and walked through Bathurst, Elizabeth, Liverpool and George Streets before returning to Town Hall.On the way, dozens of protesters staged a sit-in at an intersection to block traffic.Protest organiser Lily Campbell said the message of the protest was that the world faces a climate emergency."We don't approve of the Adani mine and we're going to show our discontent," Ms Campbell said.Mass protests, she said, were "the only thing that's going to change anything right now.""The unfortunate thing is you have to cause a bit of inconvenience if you want to change the world," Ms Campbell said.Protesters handed out cholcolates and leaflets to motorists stuck in traffic explaining why they were delayed.A spokesman for the Transport Management Centre said the march had a relatively small impact on traffic."There were minor delays for motorists as roads were closed and re-opened while the march moved through. Some buses were also delayed," the spokesman said.Protest organisers estimated about 600 people took part in Sydney and about 1000 in Brisbane. Nine News reported only about 400 people participated in the Brisbane protest.Police, who had a heavy presence at the protest, said they did not have a figure on the number of attendees.The Adani mine received the last significant environmental approval it required from the Queensland government last month when its groundwater management plan was accepted.The mine became a totemic issue in the federal election, with former Greens leader Bob Brown leading a climate convoy to the mine site that was widely seen as inflaming Queenslanders concerned about the economic impact of turning down the mine.Related Article Queensland's Environment Department has made a decision on Adani Mining's decision. Adani clears last major hurdle for controversial mine<www.smh.com.au/national/nsw/anti-adani-protesters-cause-peak-hour-delays-in-sydney-cbd-20190705-p524nv.html>

Energy deal could hit confidence, undermine tax cut funding, gas sector warns July 5, 2019. 10 comments<www.smh.com.au/politics/federal/energy-deal-could-hit-confidence-undermine-tax-cut-funding-gas-sector-warns-20190704-p5245t.html>

July 5 2019 Construction on light rail stage two could start next year 
Construction on the next stage of Canberra's light rail could start as early as next year, after the ACT government decided to split the project in two.Splitting the project would allow work on the first segment to begin before the government gets Commonwealth approval for the later stages, which would cross the lake and go through the Parliamentary Zone. It will submit two Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act referrals to the federal government for approval, while it expects to complete a business case later in the year. One referral will be for stage 2A which would run from Alinga Street to Commonwealth Park, while the second referral would be for stage 2B which would start at Commonwealth Park, travel via State Circle, and finish at Woden.The decision to split the project was was made so construction could start as soon as possible, with the heritage and environmental concerns for stage 2B expected to be far more complex and requiring additional National Capital Authority and Federal Parliament approvals.While the government intends and expects to be able to cross at Commonwealth Avenue Bridge, it says stage 2A would be capable of standing on its own should approvals fall over. Transport Minister Chris Steel said construction on the first stage could, depending on the approval process, start as early as next year and be operational by 2023. The earliest the government expects the completed stage two light rail to be taking passengers is 2025. Mr Steel said the separate referrals were appropriate given the very different planning, heritage and environmental considerations in different parts of the corridor."We hope through this approvals process, we can get on with the first segment between the city and Commonwealth Park more quickly while we continue to work with the Commonwealth on the approval for remaining part of the route to Woden," he said."With stage one of light rail construction at completion next month, we have the skills and expertise in the city for work to begin on the next stage as soon as possible."We are aiming to ensure that complexities in the Commonwealth Park to Woden alignment can be worked through properly with the Commonwealth but without holding up work on the extension of light rail between the city and Commonwealth Park."A 3D virtual tour of the proposed second stage published by Transport ACT.Mr Steel said the route passing through the Parliamentary Zone via State Circle had complex considerations, such as the approach to Commonwealth Avenue Bridge and crossing the lake towards Parliament House. "It is likely these matters will take longer to resolve with the Commonwealth," he said. After the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act referral, the environment minister has 20 days to decide if a formal environmental impact assessment is required.The ACT government will then prepare a draft environmental impact statement - based on guidelines issued by the Environment Department for the project - which will be released for public comment. A final environmental impact statement will then be assessed by the department, which will provide a recommendation report to the minister..The minister must then decide whether to approve the project within 40 days of receiving the final environmental impact statement.The government earlier this year abandoned plans to take the second stage of light rail past Old Parliament House, after a Federal Parliament committee warned of delays in approvals if it chose that route. <www.canberratimes.com.au/story/6257970/construction-could-start-next-year-as-light-rail-plans-split-in-two/?cs=14329>
Bid to kickstart economy as infrastructure projects are fast-trackedFri.5.7..19 Herald SunTreasurer Josh Frydenberg has opened the door to fast-tracking infrastructure projects across the country now the $158 billion income tax plan has passed. Nation-building infrastructure projects could be fast-tracked across the country to kickstart a sluggish economy following the Morrison Government passing its $158 billion income tax plan. Treasurer Josh Frydenberg said the tax cuts would provide an $8 billion injection into the economy over the next few months, and opened the door to rolling out the government’s $100 billion infrastructure pipeline sooner than expected.The pending infrastructure blitz comes as Australians are scrambling to lodge their tax returns to receive tax refunds of up to $1080, which will now be dolled out within days.As of today, 373,342 Australians had lodged their tax return for the 2018-19 financial year — a spike of 50 per cent compared to the same period last year.Treasurer Josh Frydenberg.. Picture: Kym SmithMr Frydenberg said workers were “very conscious” of the tax offsets and that explained the “big increase”.In a major win for the newly elected Morrison Government, the tax cut package became law on Thursday night after receiving the support of key crossbenchers and Labor.With the Reserve Bank issuing a cry for help as it lowered interest rates to a record low this week, the Treasurer said the tax cuts would unleash billions of dollars into the economy.Combined with the interest rates cut, workers receiving the full tax offset on a typical mortgage of $400,000 will be about $1400 a year better off.Mr Frydenberg said the tax cuts, which were unveiled in this year’s Budget, helped turn around the Coalition’s fortunes because “tax became the defining issue at the election”.The Treasurer said his next priority was getting to work on the Morrison Government’s $100 billion infrastructure pipeline over the next decade.Asked whether this meant bringing forward funding commitments, Mr Frydenberg said: “We are keen to ensure projects are shovel ready — the prime minister is already talking to premiers, I’ll be talking to treasurers — about the pipeline and about working constructively together.”Mr Frydenberg called on the Andrews Government to approve the East West Link, which the federal government has promised to fund alone through a $4 billion commitment.He also didn’t rule out bringing forward projects including the $10 billion rail link to Melbourne Airport, a suite of new railway station car parks and suburban road upgrades.Train pain ahead for footy fans.<www.heraldsun.com.au/news/victoria/bid-to-kickstart-economy-as-infrastructure-projects-are-fasttracked/news-story/60a3d4d11904ce592b64f14bfc8ceeef>
More time needed to cross ‘crazy’ Plenty Rd intersection, police warnIt’s been slammed as one of the most congested roads in Melbourne and now there is a new problem along Bundoora’s Plenty Rd. But this time it's the pedestrians who are being caught up in the drama. Diamond Valley July 5, 2019Police say more time is needed for pedestrians to cross the intersection safely at Plenty Rd-Settlement Rd-Bent St in Bundoora. Picture: Hamish BlairPedestrians dangerously darting across six lanes of traffic and tram tracks at one of Plenty Rd’s busiest intersections need more time to cross, according to police. It can take “several minutes” for a pedestrian to walk from one side of Plenty Rd to the other during peak periods at the Plenty Rd-Settlement Rd-Bent St intersection.And Greensborough Highway Patrol Acting Senior Sergeant Ashley Hodges said there was not enough room in the middle of the road for pedestrians to wait.He said five more seconds could be the difference to preventing a serious incident at the site.“You can’t get from one side of Plenty Rd to the other in one hit and what ends up happening is people are either rushing across or then get stuck waiting in the middle where the tram stop is,” he said.“But there is very little room to wait there — it’s got to be looked at in extending the time for pedestrians to get across.”The limited space pedestrians have while waiting between traffic and passing trams at the Plenty Rd-Settlement Rd-Bent St intersection.The limited space pedestrians have while waiting between traffic and passing trams at the Plenty Rd-Settlement Rd-Bent St intersection.Acting Sen-Sgt Hodges said the popular intersection was positioned at the heart of one of Bundoora’s busiest activity hubs..“There are schools, sports facilities, apartment towers and a major shopping centre all nearby — the foot traffic going through this intersection will only increase, so something has to be done,” he said.“I was there on a Friday during school pick-up and saw the crossing guard call back people multiple times so people need to remember the lights are their for their own safety and not to ignore them.”A total of 44 pedestrians out of 75 who voted in a Leader poll also agreed more time was needed to safely cross the notorious intersection.Eltham’s Finn Deacey described the section of road as “crazy”.“I’ve been there and almost gotten run over,” he said.VicRoads manager of movement and safety for the Metro North West region Jason Stakic said the intersection would be investigated.“We’re reviewing safety along Plenty Rd and will determine the need for any improvements,” he said.“It’s important we balance the needs of drivers, trams and pedestrians — who are some of our most vulnerable road users.”About 52,000 vehicles travel along Plenty Rd every day, with 4000 of those commercial vehicles.MOREHume Council joins Leader for station upgrade campaignThe key to stopping your car being stolenDRIVERS USING WHITTLESEA’S RURAL ROADS LIKE ‘RACE TRACKS’DAD WHO BEAT PARAPLEGIA TO WALK 750KM FOR CHARITY<www.heraldsun.com.au/leader/north/more-time-needed-to-cross-crazy-plenty-rd-intersection-police-warn/news-story/8bac1c7d08afd1e2f85a53175d7c18b6>

Works take place across Metro Cranbourne, Frankston, Mernda, Pakenham, Sandringham, Stony Point, VLine Ballarat & Bairnsdale lines and tram routes 3/3a, 16 & 67 this July.  
Pakenham/Cranbourne/Frankston lines: Changes apply from 0.55 Sat 6 Jul until Sun 14 Jul.- More train pain.- What will Metro do to relieve the overcrowding on the Glen Waverley line which happens every time the Dandenong line is shut? Probably nothing as per usual.- Is the Cranbourne line going to be a shuttle service to Dandenong or is going direct to Caulfield? If the first, where can I get the timetable?- The lines are affected everyday regardless if works are happening or not- A disgrace.Carrum station will be closed from 1.15 Sat 6 Jul until early 2020 while level-crossing removal takes place. Shuttle buses will run Seaford - Carrum - Bonbeach.  Trains will run nonstop at Carrum, via temporary tracks.- Also add all the trees coming down along Nepean Hwy Carrum and the wildlife that live in them have nowhere to go, and no RSPCA.- The laziest way out for management.  A much better job was done with Canterbury and Watsonia.- That's horse shit.. the length of that is ridiculous.- There will be significant work undertaken during this period, which includes building a new Carrum station. You can find details of this project from our friends at @levelcrossings here http://bit.ly/2FCln6uDuring this time, trains run express through the closed station..For stations between Carrum and Frankston, take a shuttle bus to/from Seaford.For stations between Carrum and the city, take a shuttle bus to/from Bonbeach.Journey times may be extended by up to 15 minutes.Download Carrum Sation works brochure (PDF) 604kBDownload shuttle bus frequency (PDF) 274kbReplacement buses stop at:- From the city: Exit Bonbeach Station on to Station Street, turn right and proceed to pedestrian crossing. Cross Station Street and turn left, proceed approx. 75m to Metro Designated Bus Stop.Station Street.- To the city: Exit Bonbeach Station on to the Nepean Highway, turn left and walk to Bondi Road. Turn left, cross the level crossing with care and walk to Station Street.  Turn left and proceed approx. 100m to Metro designated bus stop.- From the city: Exit Carrum Station on to Station Street. Cross Station Street and proceed to McLeod Road intersection. Cross McLeod Road intersection with caution and proceed to bus stop, located in front of Aldi on Station Street.Station Street, Carrum Station Entrance- To the city: Exit Carrum Station on to Station Street. Cross Station Street and proceed to McLeod Road intersection. Cross McLeod Road intersection with caution and turn left. Proceed to bus stop, located in front of Carrum Uniting Church on McLeod Road.- From the city: Exit Seaford Station on to Railway Parade and cross Railway Parade with care. Turn right and proceed approx.. 75m to the bus stop, located on the corner of McCrae Street.Railway Parade- To the city: Exit Seaford Station on to Station Street, turn right and cross the level crossing with care. Turn right on to Railway Parade and proceed approx. 30m to the bus stop, located in front of the station entrance.•To plan your route, use journey planner.•Download the free PTV mobile apps for Android and iOS and access public transport information on the go.•Customers requiring accessibility information, see Accessible transport.•If you need help or a question answered, call us on 1800 800 007.<www.ptv.vic.gov.au/plan/disruptions/article/carrum-station-temporary-station-closure-from-1-15am-saturday-6-july-2019-to-early-2020>Route 3, 5, 16, 58, 64, 67, 72 and 78 trams may experience higher than usual demand during shutdowns on the Pakenham, Cranbourne, Frankston and Sandringham lines.Service changes will apply for routes 3, 67 and 72 on weekdays.Cranbourne/Pakenham/Frankston* Saturday 6 July to Friday 12 July: Buses replace trains between Flinders Street and Caulfield* Saturday 13 July to Sunday 14 July: Buses replace trains between Flinders Street and Westall/Moorabbin.Increased demand is expected on Route 3/3a, 5, 6, 16, 58, 64, 67 and 72 trams during these times.Buses replace trains between Flinders Street and Sandringham on Saturday 6 July to Sunday 7 July and Saturday 13 July to Sunday 14 JulyIncreased demand is expected on Route 3/3a, 5, 6, 16, 64, 67 and 78 trams during these times.In order to provide more capacity along St Kilda Road and to the south eastern suburbs, on weekdays route 3, 67 and 72 will run a shortened service, with no trams running between Stop 13 Flinders Street Station and Melbourne University. [are they running a more-frequent service on the main sections?]We expect to see higher than usual demand for tram services or delays due to extra traffic at key train locations, including:• Caulfield Station on the Route 3/3a• Balaclava Station/Carlisle Street on the Route 3/3a and 16• Armadale Station/High Street on the Route 6• South Yarra Station/Toorak Road on the Route 58• Elsternwick Station/Glenhuntly Road on the Route 67• Toorak Station/Malvern Road on the Route 72• Flinders Street Station/Swanston Street for St Kilda Rd tramsConsider alternative options for travel where possible, in order to avoid crowds and potential delays. • Connect to Bus 605 at Stop 46 Kooyong Rd/Balaclava Rd (on the Route 3/3a and 16) which travels from Gardenvale to Flagstaff Station.• Bus 606 from Elsternwick Station to Victoria Avenue, connecting at Stop 30 Richardson Street/Victoria Avenue for Route 1 trams into the city.• Bus 246 from Elsternwick Station to Richmond Station via St Kilda, travelling along Punt Rd.• Also consider 216, 219 or 220 buses between Elsternwick Station/Orrong Rd and Alfred Hospital, changing at Alfred Hospital/Commercial Rd to connect to St Kilda Rd trams into the city.AFL fans should allow extra time to get to the MCG in July, with a number of train lines not running to Richmond station.<www.ptv.vic.gov.au/plan/disruptions/article/routes-3-5-16-58-64-67-72-and-78-increased-service-demand-from-saturday-6-july-to-sunday-14-july-2019>

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