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190530Th Melbourne 'Herald Sun':- letters  (road, rail, energy)- energy gas. with tdu.
190530Th Melbourne 'Age' - Caulfield - Rowville tram.

Thurs.30.5.19 Metro Twitter
Buses replace trains Sandringham - City until 7.00 Sun 9 Jun (tunnel work).
On the fly cancellation of 7.30 Werribee.  Faulty trains, faulty tracks and faulty lines...waiting for faults to have some reduction in frequency..
9.28 Glen Waverley line: Minor delays (police).
- 9.49 Buses to replace trains between Glen Waverley and Darling.  Buses have been ordered, but may take over an hour to arrive; consider alternative transport.
- 10.04 Trains have resumed
12.59 Minor delays (police request near Frankston).
- 13.03 clearing.
13.14 Pakenham line: Minor delays (police attending to an unruly passenger at Berwick).
16.23 Werribee line: Minor delays (police attending to an unruly passenger at Werribee). Trains may terminate/originate at Laverton.
- 16.31 clearing.
17.31 Sunbury line: Minor delays (an ill passenger requiring medical assistance at Sunshine).
- 17.38 clearing.
17.58 Werribee line: Minor delays (a motor vehicle fouling Aviation Rd level crossing near Aircraft).
- 18.06 clearing.
- 18.30 Werribee cancelled (faulty train).  Public transport is a joke in Vic.
- 18.40 Werribee delayed.  40 min on the platform, when I should be home by now.
20.19 Pakenham/Cranbourne lines: Minor delays (a motor vehicle stopped on Webster St level crossing in Dandenong).
- 20.36 Buses replace trains to both.  Ten buses have been ordered, but will take over 60min to  arrive. Consider local transport options.
- Why hasn’t our train driver announced this yet?
- Trains are about to resume through to Pakenham/Cranbourne, which one are you on?
- 20.51 Cranbourne train, currently sitting at Noble Park. Driver announced when pulling in that we’d be waiting; we have heard nothing from her since then.
- Your train will move off from soon.  We're currently in the process of moving trains ahead of your service before you can proceed.
- 20.52 trains resuming after police attended.
20.26 Hurstbridge line: Major delays (an equipment fault near Macleod).
- 20.38 Buses replace trains Heidelberg - Hurstbridge (no, Greensborough).  Six buses have been ordered, but will take 60min to arrive.  Consider local transport options.
- 21.21 Three buses are in operation with an extended journey time of 30min..
- 21.31 Seven buses are in operation.
- 22.06 Still seven buses.
- 22.24 we were waiting for the 10:19 Eltham train from Melbourne central. It was announced and the bus situation was announced but no train has yet arrived, no further announcements about cancelled train, what is the story? Next train in over half an hour?
- 22.38 The train came through Melbourne Central at 22.30 (11 min late); we also have an issue between Flinders Street and Melbourne Southern Cross which has delayed trains. The fault between Heidelberg & Greensborough is now fixed; trains are running through.

Melbourne Express, Thursday, May 30, 2019
The 7.29 ex Werribee has been cancelled (an earlier faulty train).
The 6.36 m Flinders Street to Sunbury has been cancelled (a faulty train).
5.52 Buses are still replacing trains on the Sandringham line until next Sunday, but apart from that the trains are looking good.

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