Re: Re: [eurotrams] Sydney track scrubber
  Matthew Geier

On 11/6/19 8:09 pm, Mal Rowe wrote:

> The wheel profile shown on that web page looks very like the

> compromise wheel profile used in the Inner West Light Rail in Sydney

> to allow trams to operate over an old railway line.


Which appears to have been derived from German practice in the first place.

> It's now causing an issue because the new trams in the City and south

> Eastern Light Railway don't have that profile, but need to travel over

> the old railway to the workshop facility.



The preserved LRV 2107 now needs to have it's wheels turned down from
tram-train hybrid to 'traditional tram' to operate smoothly on the
museum tramway.

Since the museum doesn't have an underfloor wheel lathe or a complete
set of spare bogies for 2107, this is proving a problem. (Expensive
custom designed machines bought to the car to do the work 'insitu')