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190529W Melbourne 'Herald Sun':- letters (energy, road, infrastructure).- energy (Shell, coal). with tdu.- rail-upgrade costs.- Heathmont bridge.
190529W Melbourne 'Age':- Melbourne Central.- letters (submarines,coal,rail).- energy - coal and gas. with tdu.
190529W 'SMH':- greenhouse emissions. with tdu.- Sydney Metro. 190529W - Metro Twitter - Carrum at 9.07.

190529W 'Canberra Times' - tram.

Wed.29.5.19 Metro Twitter
Buses replace trains Sandringham - City until 7.00, Sun 9 Jun (tunnel work)..
8.39 Frankston line: Buses to replace trains between Carrum and Mordialloc (a track fault near Mordialloc). Buses have been ordered, but may take up to an hour to arrive; consider alternatives.
- 8.52 Buses may take another 45min to arrive.
- 9.07 How do I get the train if there are no trains? [mobile information shown].
- World class transport network: buses replace trains; Metro is shit.
- 9.09 Buses may take another 15min to arrive.
- 9.36 Trains are also not arriving at Mordialloc in any sort of reliable fashion.
- 9.40 Trains are resuming.
- 9.47 What an absolute shit show: huge wait for buses, now no trains!
- 9.58 Fucking joke! Still waiting for a train after finally getting to Mordialloc from Aspendale.  You couldn't organise your way out of a conga line!
- 9.59 Are you kidding me? I am now getting back on the same train everyone had to get off at Aspendale.  At this rate I should have just stayed home 1 h 45 min and still only made it to Mordialloc from Frankston.  20 min at Mordialloc still no  train compensation?
- 11.29 The fault is ongoing.  20 buses are on site.
- 11.49 Extended journey time of approximately 30 minutes.
- 12.18 Trains are resuming.
- Funny, we were eventually told signal problems this morning. Terribly handled.
- Can you tell us who advised you of the fault? It was a set of points, therefore advised as a track fault. Our team is based in the train-control centre and sent messages/updates as soon as  we had confirmed/correct info.
- Will this be fixed by this afternoon? I am going to love riding Frankston to Mordialloc in this wind.
- Let us pray for better service this afternoon!
10.03 Werribee line: Buses will replace trains through Altona (police). Werribee trains will operate express Newport - Laverton.  Buses may take up to 45min to arrive; consider alternatives.
- 10.43 Trains are resuming.
10.10 Belgrave/Lilydale lines: Major delays (an operational incident in the Burnley area).
- 10.26 Minor delays, recovering.
13.37 Parliament: No lift access until further notice (an equipment fault). Passengers requiring lift access alight at Flagstaff and speak to station staff for alternative transport.
- 17.17 Lift access has been restored.
14.26 Belgrave line: Major delays (a tree struck by a train near Upwey). Trains may terminate/originate at Upper Ferntree Gully. Consider local buses.
- 14.39 Clearing.
16.00 please refrain from shaking wet umbrellas on train floors.
- Thanks to the driver of the 16.25 outbound to Mordialloc for the quick heads up to have our umbrellas ready! Everyone had a good chuckle before the deluge.
- What do you do with wet umbrellas?  That water is going to fall off the umbrella anyway so what possible difference would it make if you shake the umbrella on the floor or let it slowly drip in the floor?
- Maybe use some commonsense and take a plastic bag and put the umbrella in that; seems to work in other countries during rainy/snow seasons.
- One of my umbrellas is very long, but yeah, that'd work for the little ones.
- How about you employ more staff to mop up the dangerous, slippery surfaces you have throughout your stations?
17.52 Belgrave/Lilydale lines: Minor delays (police attending to a trespasser near Ringwood).
- 17.59 I wish we could hear the updates from the driver... its never loud enough to understand.
- The issue is ongoing, but we are starting to move some services.  Can you give us your location?
- We’re being held at Croydon heading to Lilydale.
- Are you on the move yet?
- Yes, moving now.
- We had a general emergency call to the area and we have given permission for some services to move on; your train is one that can move on. [trespasser at Ringwood; down train delayed at Croydon].
- 18.14 clearing.
Sunbury/Craigieburn/Upfield lines: All trains will run direct to/from Flinders St from 21.00 (works). From loop stations, take a Flinders St train from pfm 1 and change.
Pakenham/Cranbourne lines: All trains will run direct Flinders St - Richmond from 21.00 (maintenance works).

Melbourne Express, Wednesday, May 29, 2019
8.46 A track fault on the Frankston line has suspended services between Carrum and Mordialloc. Buses have been ordered but may take up to an hour to arrive, according to the Metro Trains website, which is encouraging commuters to look for alternative travel options.
7.59 minor delays are continuing on the Belgrave and Craigieburn lines due to earlier track faults. There are also minor delays on the Frankston line. 
6.56 the Belgrave and Craigieburn lines are facing minor delays due to track faults.
5.54 All is in order for the trains, except Sandringham where buses are still replacing trains due to Metro Tunnel works.
La Trobe Street in the CBD is closed eastbound between Elizabeth Street and Swanston Street until Friday 14 June for Metro Tunnel works.

Technical glitch delays commuters on Sydney's new metro May 29, 2019. 24 comments
Several incidents bedevilled Sydney's new North West Metro on Wednesday including a breakdown, a failure of live transport data and incorrect announcements that train doors were closing on a moving train.
The most severe hiccup on the metro's fourth day of operations occurred when a driverless train stopped moving between Epping and Cherrybrook after it lost communication with the network's control system at about 12.50pm.
Driving a driverless train: A customer journey coordinator (left) took control of the train and drove it to Cherrybrook.
A customer journey coordinator on board took control of the train and drove it to Cherrybrook.
When the train arrived at Cherrybrook, the doors initially failed to open, Nine News reported, but customers were eventually able to disembark and the faulty train was taken back to the depot at 1.14pm for testing.
A replacement train was dispatched about 20 minutes later, but a Transport for NSW spokesman said there were some delays as a result of the incident.
Frustrated commuters posted images of packed platforms and crowded trains as a result of the day's issues.
Passengers on another train travelling between Epping and Macquarie University heard a repeated announcement instructing them to "please stand back from the closing doors" while the train was in motion.
Commuters attempting to cope with the disordered metro system were given little information as live transport information went down in the afternoon.
video Sydney commuters face delays after technical glitch on Metro
Passengers were delayed by 20 minutes when doors on the new Metro line wouldn't open.
Both station train arrival screens and transport apps showed no real time data for late-running trains.
When the data was available, commuters reported on social media that trains were running at intervals of up to about 30 minutes.
A Transport for NSW spokesman said at about 5pm the network was expected to have recovered in time for the afternoon peak.
The incidents were a far cry from the smooth operations the new metro enjoyed on its first few days, when it handled a greater than expected number of passengers without obvious strain.
The new Sydney Metro on its first day, before Wednesday's disruptions. Credit: Wolter Peeters
* Interesting. Lets wait a month and see how this all pans out.
* Well it didn’t take long at all for the wheels to start falling off. Hope they have a money back guarantee if it turns out to be a lemon!
* Really ? I mean it was so well tested ? And what if the Customer Journey Co-ordinator was not on board . . . . how could anyone and computers have helped these passengers ? Is there a way to force a door open ? Do all passengers need to do the "emergency" airline style safety blurb - "this is how you get off"
* Why not put drivers on the trains?
* Not much like Japan today.
* One train with a glitch - give it more time. I travelled on the metro and it was flawless and much better than expected. Try to focus on the positives for once
* I have worked with computers for yonks and I know that there is no such thing as a completely bug-free computer system anywhere. I wouldn't travel on these things if you paid my fare for me, even if I could be guaranteed a seat!
* The incidents were a far cry from the smooth operations the new metro enjoyed on its first few days Not really - being able to get down to the platforms at Castle Hill and being bussed to my destination on Monday was NOT SMOOTH
* I have taken the metro everyday for last 3 days. It is amazing. Way better than the drag that Cityrail is. Loved every second of it.
* I love how the real time system “failed” (read ‘was turned off’) so the Metro didn’t have to admit trains were running at 30 min intervals. A joke. Why did they descope/destroy our great Epping to Chatswood line for this awful system?
* Teething problems we hope.
* for the extra 16000 people capacity an hour?
* the dream is one thing , the reality is usually something a lot harder to realize ! but good luck , the money has already been spent !
* "Customer Journey Coordinator" is now Gladys speak for train driver. Methinks the whole box of train sets was rushed into service far too quickly as a NSW Liberal publicity stunt and nothing sensible.
* There are always going to be teething problems with things like this. Clearly the braking distances on packed trains are still a WIP, the train which was at capacity overshot at Macquarie Park and had to reverse slightly. We were in no rush so waited for the next train. Also very full but still much better prospect than crawling along the M2. Cheaper and less stress too. Glad to have this up and running and I expect the hiccups will become less and less over the coming months.
* If an actual driver overshoots a stopping point/signal there are serious consequences. What, if any consequences, are built in the Glady's contract with this mob?
* What - you think being on a train that is stranded is "less stress" ?
* "A customer journey coordinator on board took control of the train and drove it to Cherrybrook." Otherwise known as a "driver"?
* Yes - and I think they will be there for a long time
* Yes - for how long? Years I would think - and how amazing that this person knew what to do ?
* Does this mean every metro train has "customer co-ordinator / driver" ? Peculiar !
* No. Let's call him a 'pilot'. Believe that what the French call a 'driver' He doesn't really 'drive' it. He pulls levers and pushes buttons.

Coal royalties will not be increased in next Queensland budget May 29, 2019..

Fremantle train line closures follow incident in West Leederville May 29, 2019
The Fremantle rail line was closed between Daglish and Perth stations on Wednesday evening after an incident at West Leederville station.
A Public Transport Authority spokeswoman said replacement buses were being used to transport Fremantle line commuters between Daglish and Perth.
The incident occurred just before 5pm and also caused delays on the Midland line. The Midland line has returned to normal.
The flurry of rail replacement buses resulted in damage to two buses outside Perth train station just after 6.30pm.
Commuters told WAtoday an articulated Transperth bus scraped a charter bus after driving past too closely on Wellington Street.
Paint was scratched off the side of either bus and the incident delayed their departure by 10 minutes.
A passenger on the charter bus said the sound was, "not too dissimilar to nails on a chalkboard."
May 29 2019 Letters to the editor.
* Tram journey was boring and uncomfortable.
With all the latest comments regarding behaviour on the new tram l thought l would relate my experience after l forced myself to have a free ride just last week.
It was off peak hour so it was relatively quiet. Even so, the first thing l noticed was there seemed to be very few seats available. The ones l did see were, for the most part, facing the wrong way or sideways.
Light rail from the driver's seat. Picture: Sitthixay Ditthavong
Having decided to take a side facing seat, looking past the bored passenger on the other side at buildings going past, l found the seat to be narrow and hard, not comfortable at all.
Towards the end of the trip l decided to move to one of the empty disabled seats, looking at the back of the driver. It was also narrow, hard and uncomfortable. I found myself wishing l was on a bus.
The passengers looked bored and uninspired. All in all a disappointing experience. l am unable to see value for the money spent.
Although l now can no longer get one bus to Civic and need two which takes longer, l think l actually enjoy the bus better.
Because the bus now takes longer l am actually thinking of reverting to my car.
* ACT is back to black. The ACT government has allowed someone to paint the inside walls of the bus shelter at O'Connor in blocks of colour and the seat black. It must now be the ugliest bus shelter in Canberra if not Australia. Graffiti gets painted on the black seat and the govt repeatedly repaints the seat black with a sign "wet paint" which they forget to remove so people don't sit there.
The government has also allowed ugly black writing with letters up to two metres wide across the front of the public toilet at O'Connor.
Black paint does not enhance public areas.

A teen thug who left a man “mentally traumatised” after planting dozens of needles in a Melbourne train has walked free, despite previous run-ins with the law.
Herald Sun May 29, 2019
Teen thug walks free on diversion program after planting needles in train seat.
A teen thug who planted more than a dozen needles into a Melbourne train seat has walked free on a diversion program after claiming he was drunk and “not thinking” at the time.
The Herald Sun can reveal the boy, 16, had given a similar excuse when stopped by police less than three weeks before his pincushion prank for carrying a knife and cannabis.
He was released on bail for the weapon and drug offences on December 21, only to be captured on CCTV embedding up to 20 needles into the train seat, putting unsuspecting commuters at risk, on the Upfield line just after 8pm on January 7.
The next morning, Anthony Artusa was pricked by the pins when he sat down on the seat after boarding at West Footscray just before 8am.
The prosecution said Mr Artusa had been left “mentally traumatised” as he thought the needles may have been contaminated.
Artusa was shocked to find about 20 needles poking out of his seat when he sat down in January Picture: Anthony Artusa
Artusa says he was “mentally traumatised” after he was pricked by the needles. Picture: AAP Image/James Ross
Facing a children’s court on Tuesday, the teen apologised and said he never meant to hurt anyone before he was placed on a three-month diversion program.
If he behaves, completes youth activities, including going to school, the recklessly cause injury charge will be wiped.
It is his second chance at avoiding a criminal record after he completed a diversion program in 2017 for dishonesty offences.
The boy’s lawyer told the court the train vandalism was “spur of the moment” and that he had purchased the pack of needles to open his phone to insert a new SIM card.
Inspector Andrew Gustke addresses the media at the Victorian Police about the incident. Picture: James Ross
“Things have been very difficult for him,” his lawyer said, explaining how his parents had split four years ago and he recently underwent surgery to his finger after a bike crash.
“He wants to write an apology letter to his victim. He feels really awful about it.”
She said following a barrage of media coverage about the incident, the teen handed himself into police.
Police and Metro had launched a hunt for the alleged culprit after Mr Artusa took to social media, sharing images of the needles, to alert other passengers of the potential danger.
“Word of warning when travelling on Metro,” Mr Artusa wrote on Twitter.
“Had a lovely surprise this morning when I sat on a seat with around 20 needles sticking out of it.”
At the time Metro described the needle trap as “a terrible act of vandalism”.
The train prank came after police stopped the teen at a bus station at Northland shopping centre and found him carrying a kitchen knife and 1.37g of cannabis in his backpack in December.
Asked about the drugs, he denied it was his. As for possessing a controlled weapon, he again told police he was “not thinking”.

Calls for flimsy Heathmont bridge barrier to be replaced.
Maroondah Leader May 29, 2019
This Heathmont road has been the scene of many frightening accidents, including a B-double crash that was captured on dashcam. Now anger is growing over another danger spot, where a wire barrier on a rail bridge “wouldn’t even stop a push bike”.
Dave Edwards next to the barrier on the Heathmont railbridge. Picture: Andy Brownbill
Traders and pedestrians are calling for improved safety at a busy Maroondah rail bridge which has only a flimsy barrier to protect people from out-of-control cars.
Trucks and cars have hit the fencing as they approach traffic lights at the intersection of Heathmont and Canterbury roads, with the latest crash just last Tuesday at 11am. VicRoads repaired the fence within 24 hours.
Dave Edwards, who has lived in Heathmont for 30 years, said it was the third time he’d seen the fencing damaged this year.
“It’s just wire, it wouldn’t even stop a push bike,” he said.
“There is no proper guard rail for pedestrians and it’s just luck that no one has been killed.”
The Village Food Store’s Kellie Herrmann, who is in nearby Heathmont Village, called for urgent action.
“That intersection is not good in a lot of ways, but the fence is the most unsafe part of it,” she said.
“It’s a major thoroughfare and people aren’t taking their time.”
The damaged pedestrian barrier on Canterbury Rd in Heathmont last Tuesday. Picture: Dave Edwards.
Members of the Meanwhile In Heathmont Facebook page also expressed their concerns.
Margaret Roper called for red light cameras at the intersection while Michael Birt said the barrier needed “a better solution than school boundary-style fencing”.
The stretch of road has been the scene of frightening accidents in the past two years.
In February 2018, a car smashed into the same fence on the railbridge after it suddenly veered onto the other side road and allegedly hit six other cars.
In September 2017, a B-double truck also went over the median strip and slammed into a fence, narrowly avoiding other vehicles.
Traders have previously pleaded to reduce the speed limit around Heathmont Village to 40km/h.
video: Incredible dash cam vision shows the dramatic moment a truck veered off the road and crashed.
The speed limit on the section of Canterbury Rd dropped from 70km/h to 60km/h in 2015.
Maroondah Mayor Rob Steane said the council had been advocating for improvements for many years and wanted to see a separate pedestrian bridge built.
VicRoads, the responsible authority for the road, has received three complaints about cars hitting the fence in the past 12 months.
Spokesman Devjeet Vagel said it would continue to monitor traffic and pedestrian safety to determine the need for any improvements.
Bayswater state Labor MP Jackson Taylor said the intersection had “a chequered past”.
Mr Taylor said he would meet with VicRoads’ regional director and raise safety concerns in state parliament this week. “I am determined to work with locals, VicRoads and all involved to work towards safer outcomes in the area for vehicles and pedestrians,” he said.

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