Re: Re: Sydney Metro

Paul, there are a lot of older enthusiasts who are hung up on double
deckers without regard to their suitability for specific types of service.
Sydney, where they were adopted as a rather short-sighted "solution" to not
wanting to buy additional trains at a time when patronage was flat, has now
had half a century experience of them as a stopping commuter train and as
patronage has surged upwards in the last couple of decades, their
limitations have become glaringly obvious. They are, however, excellent as
a long distance express or semi-express train (which is how they're
predominantly used around the world) and they will continue in this role in
Sydney no doubt indefinitely.

I note while reading background on the new Melbourne high capacity trains
yesterday that double deckers were considered but were rejected on the
grounds of dwell time. You have smart people in Victoria.

Anybody who has doubts about the Sydney metro needs to go ride the Perth
system to experience the transformational effect of this type of rapid
transit system in a typical Australian city where the urban area is spread
over tens of kilometres.

Tony P
(still a modernist at my age!)

On Tuesday, 11 June 2019 17:54:36 UTC+10, Paul Nicholson wrote:

> From reading the various postings on here and other groups, it would

> appear the Sydney Metro doesn't enjoy the support or approval of

> enthusiasts?