Re: [eurotrams] Sydney track scrubber
  Mal Rowe

On 11/06/2019 18:58, Christof Henselerchristof.henseler@... [eurotrams] wrote:

> for sure at the time when 489 was equipped with these massive tram-train couplers new wheels were fitted with the wheel profile of the tram-train vehicles which is good for tramway and railway rails and points. See the drawings "Kompromissradsatz" in


Thanks Christoph,

The wheel profile shown on that web page looks very like the compromise wheel profile used in the Inner West Light Rail in Sydney to allow trams to operate over an old railway line.

It's now causing an issue because the new trams in the City and south Eastern Light Railway don't have that profile, but need to travel over the old railway to the workshop facility.

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