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  Richard Youl

Re VueScan, I bought it a few years ago on the recommendation of some on TDU.

But first I tested the sample version which had a watermark, not surprisingly. I was quite happy with that result.

So I paid for the basic version, somewhere around $50 I think.

But when I got access to that, it was practically useless lacking nearly all the features of the sample version.

So I was left with two options - write off the $50 loss, or pay another $50 to get the version used for the sample, which I did.

They may have changed since then, but who knows?

By keeping the receipt numbers, it was easy to install it on later computers.


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> Any comments or recommendations from other users?


Hi Rod,

It depends on your needs.

I have two scanners - one is a 'cheap and cheery' portable Canon LIDE220 - which only does flatbed reflective (up to A4) and does it very well.

The one I have at home is an EPSON V700 - current model is V800 - not cheap! It does flatbed reflective and transparencies up to A4. I bought mine when Ian Brady gave me a large number of 6cm x 9cm negs ("120 size") and I found that my old Canon scanner would not handle negs bigger than 6cm x 6cm.

To see what you can get with a good neg and this scanner see: and

I also use the scanning software VueScan - it's much better than the software that comes with the scanner. I first bought it on Bob Merchant's recommendation and am glad that I did. See: ... and if you like it, buy the Professional Edition!

Mal Rowe