Re: Scanners
  Peter Bruce

Rod I have used an Epson V700 for a few years and it does everything I need
it to. 35mm negs, 120 negs, 35mm slides. A4 photos and docs. It has been
superseded but I would replace it with the current if I had to.

On Tue, 11 Jun. 2019, 13:43 'Roderick Smith' via TramsDownUnder, < tramsdownunder@...> wrote:

> This was a regular topic for a long time. It seems that everyone bought

> something which suits, and isn't in the market any more.

> I got the top of the line Canon, an 8800F. It has been good, but may just

> have failed.

> At the time, it was rated second behind Epson V550.

> Currently, it seems that Cannon 9000 has replaced the 8800; Epson V550

> exists, also V600 (and I am not discerning the difference).

> The Canon would hold A4, but it had to be placed in the centre of platen

> by judgment. It could be placed along an edge, as scanning didn't go to

> the edge of the platen.


> Any comments or recommendations from other users?


> Roderick




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