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  Dudley Horscroft

North Sydney has turn back facilities and presumably there is somewhere short of Strathfield which also has turnback faculties. A
shuttle service or services to close in turn back stations with the metro type stock could be added into the existing schedules
without problems. Given this, much of the congestion at Town Hall could be alleviated.

But also much of the problem at Town Hall is due to passengers waiting on the platforms till there train comes, so they may be
waiting 15 minutes perhaps while several other trains to other destinations come and go. Much better to use some of the space in
the Mezzanine to provide decent seating so they can wait there, and have a good announcement system to say the train to XXX will
arrive in 2 minutes, time to come down to the platform now.

Also use automated announcements along the platform timed to start 45 secs after the train has stopped, "Doors about to close,
please keep clear of the doors." followed by a loud hooter then at 50 sec "doors closing" so the driver can get under way before 60
secs have elapsed.


Dudley Horscroft
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>> There is just so much nonsense posted about 'metro' vs 'heavy' rail, and

>> speed vs capacity, and the dwell-time myth.


> Sydney's 'metro' does nothing which the existing designs couldn't do.

> Convenience needs frequency and short station spacing.

> People who focus on dwell time state that Town Hall needs 5 minutes,

> therefore every station needs 5 minutes. Town Hall doesn't need 5 minutes:

> it needs only 70 s per train, and that only because trains are so

> infrequent than numbers build up.

> The sock puppet premier boasts that the 'metro' will have a train every 5

> minutes, and soon every 4 minutes.

> Paris has been running double-deck on 2 min headways for well over 10 years.

> In the age of the wheelchair, dwell times of 60 s are often needed anyhow.

> In the age of door locking and platform barriers, 10 s dwell times have

> vanished. Even Paris metro is onto 20 s.

> Now we have the razzle-dazzle of 130 km/h for suburban train: useless. I

> have a spreadsheet through which I can run any parameters.

> At the moment I have it on a Hitachi: 992 kW for 181 t. I have set a

> braking rate of 0.7 m/s/s. Of course 1.0 is achievable, but Victoria's PTV

> claims that maintenance is so hopeless that it can't achieve designed specs

> reliably; all signalling overlaps are based on degraded performance. I

> have held station spacing at 1.5 km. Anything more isn't a real metro.

> All of the time saved by going fast is lost in getting to the station.

> The train reaches 90 km/h before it is time to start braking again. Start

> to stop is 101 s; cycle time is 130 s and average speed is 41 km/h.

> I have done lots of variations a few years ago. Powering all axles proved

> to be a waste of money: the amount of extra acceleration wasn't available

> for sufficiently long to make any difference. Reducing dwell time is

> useful, but too hard to achieve in the age of the wheelchair. For most

> stops, a double-deck train would need no more dwell time than a single

> deck, and the performance need be no worse. The fact that Sydney is so

> sluggish is nothing to do with deckedness. Even if double-deck can't run

> at the headways of single deck (a myth which I dispute vehemently),

> double-deck at 24 tph provides more capacity per track per hour than

> single-deck at 30 tph. The problem in this nation is lack of capacity, not

> lack of speed. Double deck at 30 tph (as in Paris) is the winner, but the

> useless NSW government built its toy to prevent that.



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