Re: Sydney Metro

To be fair, one has to compare on a like for like basis. The NW metro is
equivalent to the Perth Armadale line in station spacing and the
performance is equivalent, both averaging about 60 km/h. The Joondalup and
Mandurah lines, with greater station spacing, are obviously going to have a
higher average speed - 66 km/h for Joondalup, 82 km/h for Mandurah. The
latter two should provide some guidance for future Sydney metro lines in
western Sydney where station spacings will be greater and they should be
acquiring future trains capable of 130 km/h running.

As the Sydney suburban system will now lose any journey-time advantage,
they need a long-term strategy to wind back the heavy and slower double
deckers to do what they do best, which is long non-stop express journeys to
the urban fringes and the interurban lines and look at a better type of
train for the stopping services, in which respect I think the new Melbourne
"metro" trains with their three-door carriages would do the job much better
and should be considered for Sydney.

In a similar vein, I think Melbourne would do well to consider a proper
rapid transit system like the Sydney Metro and maybe consider a metro line
to Doncaster, or the proposed circle route for starters. You wouldn't look

Tony P