Re: Re: Sydney Metro
  Matthew Geier

On 9/6/19 10:45 pm, Prescott wrote:

> The acceleration/deceleration of the trains, although far better than

> that of the double deckers, has definitely been "detuned" for "local

> expectations" compared to metro performance overseas. From familiarity

> with this syndrome with local trams, this is a process of dumbing down

> whereby the bureaucrats and engineers decide that the travelling

> public is accustomed to the lethargic pace of, in this case, the

> traditional suburban trains and it is felt that they shouldn't be

> subject to being frightened by being accelerated at warp speeds (which

> I'm sure they wouldn't be because it's smooth electric traction, but

> the bureaucrats think they will).

I think there is far more simpler explanation for the acceleration being
below your expectations. It's not 'detuning'. The Metropolis trains are
generally deployed with a maximum speed of 80km/hr and optimised for
rapid acceleration and braking between closely spaced stations. The
Sydney versions have a 100km/hr top speed and are running with suburban
station spacings. They have changed the gear ratio to get the higher top
speed and sacrificed low end torque for it.