Re: Melbourne yesterday.
  Andrew Cook

Hi all,

I did some travelling by tram around Melbourne yesterday. By default, ventured to Box Hill by tram due to Metro's ******* bustitutions on the Belgrave and Lilydale lines.
The added bonus was riding on A2 class tram No. 270 all the way to Box Hill.. Also ventured down to North Port, where I alighted for an inspection of the building I did my printing trade apprenticeship, in Bay Street, Port Melbourne. Fifty years later, the building has been completely gutted and split into two. The old offices and the machine room are now a fancy restaurant and the composing room, bindery, etc., are now the Vinnies Op Shop! The area I worked in now has shelving and racks full of discarded 'junk' for yuppies to paw over! Gentrification has well and truly moved in, and Old Port now shines of mega-bucks!!!!! After that, travelled to Jeff's Shed to say hello to a charming friend working in there.

The snaps taken yesterday are:
1646--A2 270 at Box Hill terminus.
1647--A2 270 leaving Box Hill and passing the White Horse statue.
1648--A2 270 ditto, trailing shot.
1660--C1 3028 leaving the North Port stop for Port Melbourne. A late running C1 car is just ahead of it.
1662--A2 275 ditto. This was the other A2 car working between Port Melbourne and Box Hill yesterday.
1663--W8 957 in Flinders Street West near the railway viaduct, on a City Circle service.


Andrew Cook.

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