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  Greg King

Hi Mal,

You are correct about the fence in the background, should have looked closer, the trolley is just a flat floor with nothing on it. I also think you are correct about Jolimont area.

As an aside, 251 spent her later years at Preston and was disliked by all the crews for being painfully slow (I did not mind it so much but it was slow! it had 4 x 40 hp MV 101's and 28" wheels but just no oomph! At some stage it had lost its guttering but kept the torpedo vents. IIRC, it was one of those that got a 1 in front of its number when the A's started to arrive, raised above the other numbers it looked like 1/2 51!!


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Thanks Ron,

I agree with Greg - the running board is not folded up, although the early Ws did have hinged running boards.

The 'trailer' looks to me to be no more than a flat top works trolley as used in track work. What looks like some sort of box is probably the fence in the background.

251 entered traffic in mid 1924, and there is a picture in an old Destination City showing a motley collection of works trailers in use in Royal Park in 1925.

I'm trying to work out the location of the pic, but can't place it.

Mal Rowe - witness to a fold up step in use - see:

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