Some Sydney Citadis 305
  Matthew Geier

A night shot of 011 and 012 in Chalmers Street.

Another of George Street near Wynyard showing some rather creative parking on the part of a traffic controller. Not entirely sure how they got that ute in there like that - it would have taken some effort to do!

The pair of Citadis were down at Central for a ministerial photo-op. Channel 7 (the NSW governments favored TV channel) filmed a piece that presumably went onthe evening news (and not just on the stations web site / facebook feed)

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MG Citadis 305 011 + 012 at Chalmers St (4)  |  1024W x 768H  | 176.51 KB |  Photo details
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MG George Street at night - interesting parking on part of traffic controller  |  1024W x 768H  | 231.97 KB |  Photo details