Trouble looming on the Tramway??
  Richard Youl

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Notice to Members

Tue 14-May-2019

Hi Xxxxxx, Yarra Trams announced today that it intends to put its dodgy proposed Operations Agreement out to a vote of its employees.

This outrageous action has been taken despite bargaining continuing.

Yarra Trams appears to think that it can fool our members by rushing a disastrous EBA out to a vote over the objections of the RTBU. It is dead wrong!

The RTBU opposes this terrible proposed EBA in the strongest terms.

The proposed wage increases are simply not good enough.

Yarra Trams has only agreed to a small number of the RTBU's claims for sensible improvements sought by members.

Yarra Trams wants to be able to create a mass part-time workforce by increasing the cap on part-time employment from 4% to a whopping 35% and then have the ability to employ even more part-time workers. This would devastate our industry.

The proposed EBA would massively undermine our job security and destroy our culture.

Yarra Trams wants a dodgy deal and it wants it done dirt cheap!

Despite Yarra Trams' outrageous act of bad faith, members have the power to stop its appalling plans.

There will be no enterprise bargaining agreement unless a majority of workers vote for it.

We need all members to vote. We need all members to vote NO!

The RTBU was not given any details about the vote at the bargaining meeting.. We now understand that a vote will occur from 22 May to 26 May 2019. Yarra Trams has yet to explain how the vote will take place. Stay tuned.

Together we will sink this dodgy deal so that we can get back to bargaining for a new EBA which provides job security, fairer conditions and better wages.

Tarik Koç Secretary Mario Mizzi Assistant Secretary

Luis Lopez
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