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190504Sa - Melbourne 'Age' - bus driver.
"190504Sa 'SMH' metro interior and premier.
190504Sa Sydney 'Daily Telegraph': metro bridge, stations, Kellyville.
190504Sa Metro Twitter - Flemington Racecourse trains.
Sat.4.5.19 Metro Twitter
* To allow for level-crossing removal works at Reservoir, from Sat 4 May all southbound lanes along High St will be closed until Dec.2019. Access to High St and Broadway will change; detours will be in place. See  https://bddy.me/2UBRCXX.
Sunbury/Upfield/Craigieburn/Werribee lines: All trains will run direct to/from Flinders St all weekend (maintenance works).
7.34 Craigieburn/Upfield/Sunbury Lines: Major delays (an overhead power fault between North Melbourne and Melbourne Southern  Cross).
- 7.49 Are trains going again? I’ve just seen a train leave from platform 14.
- Not all lines are affected, only Craigieburn/Upfield and Sunbury.
- Let’s start organising replacement buses. This is ridiculous. People have places they need to get to!
- Does that include your website being down too?
- It's hard to allow for extra travel time when you were already up at the crack of dawn and there weren't delays when you got on the train.
- How come the power works last night and then this morning with fewer trains you can't do it? How do you charge people money for this?
- Are there any trains running between North Melbourne and Flinders St? What about the Werribee and Williamstown lines?
- Will this affect the train to Flemington?
- The trains to Flemington say platform 6 [Flinders St], which currently isn’t affected by the fault. They should still be ok.
- Are there trains from Sunshine to North Melbourne?
- We need more information. Is the whole line suspended or are trains running between Sunshine and Sunbury?
- They make you pay ~$15 a day to ride this shit. And by ride I mean sit. On your cancelled train. After its picked you up.
- They send people who were too unhinged for any other job to check if you've paid the $15 to sit on your cancelled train. Cause if you haven't - it's $300. Better luck next time
- 8.34 North Melbourne: To those passengers on trains at North Melbourne, we have an overhead power fault between there and Melbourne SC. Please remain on the train and listen to further announcements or directions from staff..
- When will people learn? Electricity simply doesn't work.  Steam forever.
- Because they think going green will change the world, even though Australia is the biggest manufacturer of the world with uranuium! It's a disgusting joke.
- Has the overhead come down or just power gone out?
- Stuck on this Sunbury train for 1 h 50 min now. I'm going to be 1 h 30 min late for work at least. What's the best way to claim for lost earnings?
- 8.46 Upfield line: Trains now resume, with major delays.  Trains could still be held.
- What is going on? It appears that Labor can’t run our trains.
- Melbourne's trains are run by a private company. Train operation was privatised by Jeff Kennett. Today's train situation, good or bad, is a lasting memorial to Jeff Kennett.
- Metro was signed by Labor in 2017. Their choice entirely. Labor in government 16 of last 20 years. Never chose to end franchise of trains but could have. Quality of service deteriorated since 2014. Labor responsibility entirely!
- 8.48 Craigieburn line: major delays clearing.  Trains will depart from altered platforms.
- 8.48 clearing.
- 9.13 Sunbury line: Trains now resume, with delays to 60 minutes; trains could still be held.
-  Again? I have seen this many times.
- Is Sunbury up and running? So far there are no replacement buses to the city.
9.31 Frankston line: Minor delays (police near Parkdale).
- 9.49 clearing.
- 12.33 Frankston line: Minor delays (a trespasser near Highett).  Trains will be held.
- 12.45 clearing.
- Seems like drivers don’t speak or make announcements when trains are stuck between Melbourne Southern Cross and Flinders St.  Are they are on speaking holiday?
- 15.25 Frankston line: Minor delays (an equipment fault near Highett). Trains will be held.
- This morning it happened, and it's happening again. Who is touching the cables?
Pakenham/Cranbourne lines: All trains will terminate/originate at Caulfield (works) 10.00-19.15.
- Trains will be departing from Flemington Racecourse from 15.55, stopping at North Melbourne, Melbourne Southern Cross and Flinders Street. The last train will depart at 17.55.Boeing 737 from Guantanamo Bay slides into Florida river May 4, 2019.
A Boeing 737 commercial charter jet with 136 people on board slid into the St Johns River near Jacksonville in Florida after landing on Friday, the Naval Air Station Jacksonville says.
There were no reports of fatalities but local television station WOKV-TV said that at least two people suffered minor injuries and that the plane was attempting to land during a heavy thunderstorm.
The office of the sheriff said 21 adults were transported to local hospitals and all were listed "in good condition, no critical injuries". Over 80 Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department officers attended.
The flight arriving from Naval Station Guantanamo Bay in Cuba went into the river at the end of the runway at about 9.40 pm local time (11.40am AEST), the air station said.
Captain Michael Connor, the commanding officer of NAS Jacksonville, said during a news conference that passengers were a mix of civilian and military personnel. Some were staying in the area, while others were set to fly on to other parts of the country.
The city's mayor said there were no fatalities.Credit:Jax Sheriff's Office Marine Unit
While the crash certainly wasn't ideal, Connor acknowledged that it could have been much worse.
"I think it is a miracle," Connor said. "We could be talking about a different story this evening."
Officials did not immediately say what caused the plane to leave the runway.. Boeing said in a tweet Friday night that it was investigating: "We are aware of an incident in Jacksonville, Fla., and are gathering information."
It wasn't known how long it would take to remove the plane from the river, but Connor said the landing gear appeared to be resting on the river bed, making it unlikely for the aircraft to float away.
He said crews began working to contain any jet fuel leaks almost immediately after securing the passengers' safety.
Liz Torres told the Florida Times-Union that she heard what sounded like a gunshot Friday night from her home in Orange Park, about 8 kilometres south of NAS Jacksonville. She then drove down to a Target parking lot where police and firefighters were staging to find out more.
"I've never seen anything like this," she said.
The mayor of Jacksonville, Lenny Curry, said on Twitter that everyone on board the flight was "alive and accounted for".
Curry said in a separate tweet that US President Donald Trump had called him to offer help.
"The plane was not submerged. Every person is alive and accounted for," the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office said on Twitter.
The sheriff's tweet was accompanied by two photographs showing the plane bearing the logo of Miami Air International resting in shallow water and fully intact with minimal damage.
The plane appeared to be missing its nose.
Navy security and emergency response personnel were on the scene and monitoring the situation, the Navy said. Family members who were expecting the arrival of passengers were instructed to stand by.
Miami Air International is a charter airline operating a fleet of Boeing 737-800 aircraft.
Representatives for the airline could not immediately be reached for comment on Friday evening.
The Federal Aviation Administration was referring media inquiries to NAS Jacksonville.
Connor said National Transportation Safety Board investigators were already on their way.

Sydney metro line expected to open week after federal election May 4, 2019.
Sydney's first driverless metro train line is expected to be opened to passengers on May 26, a week after the federal election.
Starting passenger services almost five years after construction started, the $7 billion Metro Northwest line from Rouse Hill to Chatswood will be the city's first privately operated suburban line, along which single-deck trains will run every four minutes.
Premier Gladys Berejiklian and Andrew Constance on a driverless metro train undergoing testing in March.Credit:Nick Moir
May 26 is understood to be the most likely date for the start of regular passenger services – to be operated by Hong Kong's MTR – partly because of time needed to inform commuters ahead of the resulting changes to rail and bus services in the city's north west.
The 36-kilometre line is the first stage of the Berejiklian government's plans for multiple metro train lines in Sydney. The second stage under construction comprises a line from Chatswood, under Sydney Harbour to the CBD and onto Sydenham and Bankstown, which is scheduled to be opened by 2024.
The private operator of Metro Northwest still needs final approval from the National Rail Safety Regulator before the first regular passenger services can start.
The state's transport agency said the operator had received necessary accreditation from the regulator for "all of its activities to date, and the accreditation process is ongoing".
Inside one of the driverless metro trains.Credit:Matt O'Sullivan
The agency declined to give a date for the start of services, other than to say it would be in May.
"Customers will be given plenty of notice before services start," it said.
"The new generation of driverless trains have completed more than 180,000 kilometres of testing and final commissioning is underway."
LoadingFares will be the same as those on Sydney's existing rail line. The journey time for commuters travelling from Tallawong Station at Rouse Hill to Chatswood is estimated at 37 minutes.
Last Sunday a new rail timetable was introduced for Sydney Trains services as part of the integration of the new metro line into the city's broader rail network.
Sydney Trains is now running a service every three minutes on the North Shore line for a 90-minute period during the morning peak – just over half an hour longer than at present – to help clear commuters who will switch from metro trains at Chatswood when the new line opens.
The new metro line comprises twin 15-kilometre tunnels, a 4.5-kilometre viaduct and a 270-metre cable bridge over busy Windsor Road at Rouse Hill. An existing rail line between Epping and Chatswood has also been converted to carry the single-deck metro trains as part of the project.
Push for tougher penalties after train workers attacked in record numbers
Sat.4.5.19 Herald Sun
video: How do Australia’s train networks compare to one another?
Train workers are being ­attacked by irate passengers in record numbers, including being spat on, punched and even threatened at knifepoint.
The problem has become so bad the head of the rail union will tomorrow write to the ­Attorney-General demanding laws like those which protect emergency workers.
It’s believed packed trains, unreliable services and disruptions because of major ­construction works are driving the spike in attacks.
More than 880 V/Line and Metro Trains drivers, station staff and ticket inspectors were physically or verbally assaulted last year. Picture: David Caird
Figures provided to the ­Sunday Herald Sun show more than 880 V/Line and Metro Trains drivers, station staff and ticket inspectors were physically or verbally assaulted last year. Already this year there have been more than 250 ­recorded attacks.
Rail, Tram and Bus Union state secretary Luba Grigorovitch, who wants mandatory sentencing laws for thugs who bash emergency personnel extended to transport workers, said the attacks were all too frequent.
It’s understood the rail ­operators are supportive of tougher laws to protect staff.
“One worker — a mother, a father, a brother or sister — being assaulted at their workplace is not OK,’’ Ms Grigorovitch said. “More needs to be done to protect these frontline workers.”
Assaults against V/Line workers have quadrupled since 2015, and now happen at least once a day.
Attacks on Metro staff have risen year on year.
Public Transport Victoria has launched a campaign urging commuters to lay off rail staff.
In the past year, an authorised officer was headbutted when asking for valid tickets, station staff were bashed by passengers forcing their way on to platforms, and a worker narrowly dodged being stabbed in an unprovoked knife attack.
Public Transport Victoria has launched a campaign urging commuters to lay off rail staff. “No one should have to experience abuse, threats or aggressive behaviour while trying to do their job,’’ a spokesman said.
“Thankfully the vast majority of passengers are respectful towards our staff.”

NSW Government to finally announce Sydney Metro northwest opening date
Hills Shire Times May 4, 2019.
The Sydney Metro northwest network will open to the public on Sunday, May 26.
• Landcom reveal 30-storey hotel plans for Metro station site
• Construction to start for $1b facelift of Castle Towers, Metro link
• Mulpha Norwest plans on-demand bus services, satellite parking
• The Hills, Schofields to be linked to Western Sydney Aerotropolis
The Sydney Metro northwest will open to the public to coincide with one of the state’s largest tourism events — Vivid Sydney.
A NSW Government source revealed exclusively to The Hills Shire Times thatthe Metro northwest network would be opened on Sunday, May 26.
Train testing to Tallawong Station. Sydney Metro Northwest at Rouse Hill.
NSW Transport Minister Andrew Constance is expected to announce the official opening date at a scheduled press conference at a northwest metro station tomorrow, with a senior Transport for NSW source confirming to the Times the $8 billion landmark metro line, stretching from Tallawong Station at Rouse Hill to Chatswood Station, would open in time to ferry thousands of customers from The Hills and Sydney’s north west to Vivid Sydney.
Timetables for services are expected to be available from midday Sunday, allowing commuters three weeks to plan for the first trip.
video: Sydney Metro crosses Skytrain bridge in testing
A spokeswoman for Transport Minister Andrew Constance said an announcement about the opening date of the Metro would be made shortly.
The scheduled opening of the Sydney Metro northwest comes amid newly discredited claims an investigation into the accessibility of driver consoles was being conducted by SafeWork NSW and the Rail Safety Authority, resulting in delays in the opening of the line.
New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian makes an announcement about Australia's first driverless metro train completing it's first journey along the entire length of Sydney's new $8.3 billion Metro Northwest railway line. Picture: Jeremy Piper
A Transport for NSW spokesman said SafeWork NSW has “no regulatory role in the operations of railways and the Rail Safety Authority is not an organisation”.
“The national rail safety regulator has been closely involved in the commissioning of Sydney Metro and has not raised any issues with Sydney Metro about train consoles,” the spokesman said.
“The consoles are secured and not easily accessible — Metro trains like Sydney’s new trains are safely used around the world.”
An artist impression of the Sydney Metro Northwest Kellyville Station. Picture: Transport for NSW
Hills Shire Mayor Michelle Byrne said she was glad an opening date had been set.
“As a community we are incredibly excited to know that in just three short weeks we will be stepping onto our metro for the very first time after decades of on-again, off-again promises,” she said.
“I want to thank the NSW Government for delivering the metro to the Hills and in particularly “I would like to acknowledge the role the Premier had in the planning and delivery of the rail when she was the Transport Minister.”
Hills Shire Mayor Michelle Byrne said she was excited for the opening of the service.
WHERE TO PARK: A breakdown of available parking
WHERE YOU CAN’T PARK: restrictions in place on local streets
HOW MUCH IT WILL COST: A breakdown of the Metro fares
Cr Byrne said the opening of the rail will be a ‘game changer’ for the area, “making it easier for residents to travel around the Hills as well as to other parts of Sydney”.
“With a rapidly growing population we desperately need the rail to improve the quality of life for our residents and to reduce the congestion on our roads,” she said.
“I know what I will be doing on May 26th and I encourage the community to join me in celebrating the opening of our rail.”
A Sydney Metro northwest construction employee, who did not wish to be named, said he and other colleagues were working on the fit-out of the tunnels and stabling yards as late as this week.
“I have worked on the project for the past two-and-a-half years,” he said.
“We are expecting a major announcement on Sunday morning, but some of the stations just aren’t finished.”
The construction worker said testing and operational work was still underway across the entire project, as they work to ‘polish up the line’.
Kellyville Train Station in Kellyville.
“I have been working in the tunnels, so I haven’t seen the stations in months, but they need every minute over the next three weeks to finish things up,” he said.
“I am looking forward to the rides, I will be telling my son everything that I contributed to —
I am excited to say that I was part of it.
“It has been a fantastic project working with a group of amazing people from all different backgrounds and skills.”

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