The latest Wellington non-proposal
  David McLoughlin

This Radio NZ story gives a good account of the latest yawn -- sorry,
20-year transport plan -- announced for Wellington today.

If you read it you will actually see that nothing at all is proposed in any
kind of time frame, let alone approved, let alone even one dollar committed
of the supposed $6.4 BILLION in the headline.

But it is local body election year here and they had to announce something
I suppose. They can't even find enough drivers to run the useless
"redesigned" bus system they introduced last year.

All changes in recent years have been backward moves, such as the scrapping
of the trolley bus system on which $100 million of public money had been
spent in the previous 10 years on new buses and new K&M overhead wiring.

The trolleys are still sitting gathering pigeon droppings in the back of
Kilbirnie bus depot. Maybe they will be wheeled out again as the "some kind
of high-capacity electric vehicles" mentioned in the story.

david mcloughlin, New Zealand
"Be careful what you wish for..."