Re: Anti-collision system for Amsterdam Combinos
  David McLoughlin

Matthew Geier wrote:

> Siemens are not just going for augmentation - their end game is a street

running tram with out a driver.

I wonder if this can happen though, at least with 2019 technology which
admittedly is amazing and getting more so every year.

Last time I went on the Docklands Light Rail in London, it still had a
staff member in the driver's position, even though it is a completely
segregated, fully automatic system.

I am not sure the public is ready for a driverless tram running in mixed
traffic. In fact I don't think driverless cars will take over any time
soon, especially once the computer driving one of them decides to swerve to
kill the child rather than the pensioner crossing the road in front of it,
or vice versa.

david mcloughlin, New Zealand
"No cow is sacred."