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  Richard Youl

South Melbourne did one run to West Coburg in the evening peak and I was lucky enough to do it for a week from time to time. This included during my driver training. This put one W in a sea of Zs.

That big hill, a bit more spectacular than it may seem in the photo, was always looked forward to.

From memory the stop before was right at the bottom of the hill and it was somewhat of an inconvenience if somebody wanted to get off there! But I suppose about half the time there was nobody so it was full parallel down the hill and up the other side. With the momentum and power on, speed did not drop much going up the far side.

I don’t especially remember the stop in Mal’s photo but it was not so bad having to stop there. But a start from the bottom of the hill saw a slow grind up the other side. For some reason the return trip did not have the same appeal. Maybe there was always traffic in the way. I can’t remember now.


On 15 May 2019, at 3:52 pm, Greg King transitclassics@...> wrote:

Hi Mal,

I'm sure they put those stops there just so the drivers could not have fun because there was always someone wanting to get off or on and they were very close to the next stop in both directions.

Greg (who only got to fly when running in!!)

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> On 15/05/2019 13:47, Dudley Horscroft wrote:

> Ah, the joys of a telephoto lens. Let me assure all our American

> readers that the hills in Melbourne were not up to San Francisco

> standards!



Agreed, but not a bad hill by Melbourne standards.

There's a pic of the same location (Melville Rd on the West Coburg line) with a standard lens (and a non-standard tram!) at:

Mal Rowe - who was there to make the picture

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