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  William Jackson


Hmmm, this sounds very familiar…

Reliable operation calls for reliable maintenance, and proactive, not fault-response at that.


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No there won't. If these kind of systems work perfectly fine in Germany, and have done for the last decade or so, then they'll work here. Australian drivers need to adapt to drive on a modern system, not a heritage tramway.

The catch is that Australian governments and their service contractors don't respect the need for regular maintenance. Reliable operation calls for reliable maintenance, and proactive not fault-response at that.

Hal Cain

Conservatism in our transportation planning is holding us back.

On Sat, 2019-05-11 at 23:19 +1000, Mick Duncan wrote:

Gday Richard, All

When run nos change points,there will be prangs and derailments
as some moderm drivers cant be trusted to look at the blades

Cheers, Mick, glad he had eyes and a bar

On 11/05/2019 7:16 am, 'Richard Youl' via TramsDownUnder wrote:

I understand your question Mick which I only pondered a few days ago.

Obviously they are not ‘Automatic’ when drivers have to initiate their operation from the cab.

Perhaps the title of ‘Powered Points’ would be more accurate, but decades ago when they were first introduced I expect that Automatic sounded more exciting. And old habits die hard.

The ‘new’ technology (new to Melbourne, decades old in some places) about to be installed in Melbourne where the tram’s run number changes the points automatically will finally be truly Automatic Points.