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The only difference was the sliding doors and the valve in cab to open them.. None of the W2’s had resilient wheels. 246 was a good car too. It went along with 247 to Newcastle where 247 was lovingly restored only to be dropped while transporting, badly twisting the body leading to it being scrapped, I don’t know what became of 246.


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Thanks Greg for the pics.Was SW2 436 any different to drive to drive compared to a standard W2 or were the sliding doors the only difference,seemed to me to be a bit quieter than some others,resilient wheels perhaps? 246, 268 & 581 were among my favourites.

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Hi Tim,

Somewhere, you will find in archives I think, one of the L’s next to 312 I had on Charter, beyond that I can’t help but stay tuned, I plan on a heap of L pix shortly from the last round up.

Also, none of the other W2’s you wanted, none the less, here are a couple of oldies for you, genuine long time Essendon residents. 227 and 447, the latter went to Dorrigo in NSW and had a lot of work done to her, would like to know her current status. She was a lovely car to drive. My favourite W2’s to drive at Essendon that come to mind were, 342 (lovely Spur gears) 247, 447, 474(the first car I drove after qualifiying), 595, 607 and 634. There were others but I can’t recall any characteristics. I know I drove 227 a bit but can’t really recall.


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Awesome pics once again Greg,i remember 427 as a long time Essendon car.Do you have any pics of 104/106 on the Zoo service?A good thing that i remember from those days was that if an L was not available for any reason usually a W was ru,i remember Popart 340 & decorated 965.Also wondering do you have any pics of Essendon W2's in service in the latter years from 80-85 namely 268,329 ,366,436 (SW2),486,597,625 & 630.Interesting to note is that 3 W2' s 366,486 & 597 were stored for a long time at Essendon up on 24 rd and were still there even after Essendon had no W2 's left or even depot shots from the day.
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After all the training on the Light Rail, I was given a break to run the historic cars on Route 16, it was a lot of fun but suffered from total lack of any publicity so, consequently, few people outside the fan community, knew about it, unlike todays CC which everyone knows about.

On a rather miserable weekend, I had one of my favourite cars, Y1 613. I stopped in front of where the old “St Moritz” ice skating used to be for some shots and then down at the junction at Luna Park. My conductor decided he should be in every shot, pretending to be the driver but strangely, he never wanted to actually become one! At the end of the shift I was able to get a couple of nice night shots in the yard at Hanna St. Depot..

The next day I had to a shunt so got these shots while I was at it of W2 510 and W1 431

But the car that kicked it all off before the other arrived (if I recall correctly) was W1 427 and here are some earlier sunny shots with pix taken in the same locals as the Y1. Must have been a warm day, I didn’t have my cap on!! (and I always wore it) Hey Mick, note she is a BTH car too!



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