Re: Re: OT Planning priorities - [Was skyrail]
  Matthew Geier

On 15/5/19 11:00 am, Andrew Cook wrote:
> Totally agree with this Tony. Town planning should be administered by State Government only. As for the municipal clowncils, they should have nothing to do with the town planning process. Even better, why not abolish the useless clowncils altogether? The country would save billions by getting rid of these bozos.


I may be accused of being a 'NIMBY' but NSW is overriding town councils left right and center to get 'development' through, but the result is high rise slums designed to maximize developer profits, not sound town planning principles.

The overshadowing and lack of green space in recent developments in my area of Sydney are horrifying. Green space is just seen as potential development land.

One of the 'crowns' of this process Wolli Creek in Sydney is a bleak and deary place in winter. The residents just get the lift down to the parking level and hop in their cars and leave.

One of these 15 story blights has just appeared in my suburb - down next to the railway. But exactly half way between two stations. I will bet 90% or more of the eventual residents will drive, not walk 500m to the station.

And one of the suburbs has had a 6-10 story 'town centre' development that started approx 10 years ago. Lasted less than 5 before the cement render cladding started separating from the buildings. Great build quality there. And it wasn't exactly an architectural triumph before it started falling to bits. I wonder what the inside is like if that was the build quality on the outside....

Hows this related to trams you ask ?

Any proposed extensions to the Eastern Suburbs tram network will be fought by the locals because they won't want their suburb raped by developers - 'improved' public transport comes with increased density by default. Significant portions of all these new residents will drive anyway, making local traffic significantly worse.

Just look at the Inner West tram line - now running 'breathing room only' services as the coming of the tram meant approval for significant redevelopments. Now this building is all starting to complete and people move in, the trams are now overloaded. No improvements to local streets (not that there is the space for wider roads). No new parks either.

The locals of course all objected, got their councils to object who then get overridden by the state government or even sacked and replaced by appointed administrators.