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  Andrew Cook

Totally agree with this Tony. Town planning should be administered by State Government only. As for the municipal clowncils, they should have nothing to do with the town planning process. Even better, why not abolish the useless clowncils altogether? The country would save billions by getting rid of these bozos.

Andrew Cook (who thinks Australia is over-governed).

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On 14/05/2019 19:00, Prescott wrote:
> How on earth is town planning incompatible with democracy?! Life in a

> democracy is not much fun if your city doesn't work properly.


> In any case, the central planning is performed - with public input and

> consultation - by the democratically-elected state government that

> people have voted for on the basis of policies put forward at an

> election. Any state government should take full reponsibility for big

> picture planning and not leave it entirely to local interests that

> have no regard to what the effects might be in adjacent municipalities

> or the common good in general.


Thanks Tony.

It sounds like we are actually in 'furious agreement' - perhaps I should
have focussed on consultation rather than 'democracy'!

Mal Rowe - who reckons cities are for people

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