Re: Re: Planning priorities - [Was skyrail]
  Mal Rowe

On 14/05/2019 19:00, Prescott wrote:
> How on earth is town planning incompatible with democracy?! Life in a

> democracy is not much fun if your city doesn't work properly.


> In any case, the central planning is performed - with public input and

> consultation - by the democratically-elected state government that

> people have voted for on the basis of policies put forward at an

> election. Any state government should take full reponsibility for big

> picture planning and not leave it entirely to local interests that

> have no regard to what the effects might be in adjacent municipalities

> or the common good in general.


Thanks Tony.

It sounds like we are actually in 'furious agreement' - perhaps I should
have focussed on consultation rather than 'democracy'!

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