Greg King

Hi all,

Tonight I thought I would do some 80's stuff of the MTA period. These were
indeed interesting times and a lot got done, we also had a genuine tourist
tram service between the city and St.Kilda Beach with beautifully restored
historic cars but that is for the next post.

We kick off with the construction period of relocating St. Georges Rd from
two tracks done one side to splitting the tracks to run either side. Most of
you will know that the reason the trams did not run down the centre
reservation was due to the main Melbourne water pipe running under that

1. W6 975 looking a bit tired, running over what is in effect a bridge
from the Junction at Thornbury (Miller St) to the other side of St. Georges
Rd. 975 was one of the few cars that got Earl trolley catchers (no, we did
not have trolley retrievers) as can be seen here. The reason given for not
progressing further was, the pit men could not reach them to raise the pole.
The simple solution would have been to mount them above the headlight but I
think it was all a bit half-hearted anyway.

2. W5 821 has just arrived at Thornbury, The track at the left of the
car was, by this time out of service. 821 was the only non-sliding door
passenger car to receive the full "Met" livery.

3. W5 821 again after crossing Separation street and where the tracks
again crossed a bridge to become double on one side of the reservation to
Merry Creek. Not that 821 was also a trolley catcher car (992 was one of the
others, anyone care to list them all??) Hasn't all this developed today?

4. SW5 739 outside St. Kilda station on a route 16 service.

5. We had just opened the Port Melbourne service and I took a shot of
my charge at the terminus when we were only running to the Exhibition, this
location, while still having the old station, has changed almost beyond
recognition today.

6. Last shot for this post, When the B2's were new.



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