Tourist trams
  Greg King

After all the training on the Light Rail, I was given a break to run the
historic cars on Route 16, it was a lot of fun but suffered from total lack
of any publicity so, consequently, few people outside the fan community,
knew about it, unlike todays CC which everyone knows about.

On a rather miserable weekend, I had one of my favourite cars, Y1 613. I
stopped in front of where the old "St Moritz" ice skating used to be for
some shots and then down at the junction at Luna Park. My conductor decided
he should be in every shot, pretending to be the driver but strangely, he
never wanted to actually become one! At the end of the shift I was able to
get a couple of nice night shots in the yard at Hanna St. Depot.

The next day I had to a shunt so got these shots while I was at it of W2 510
and W1 431

But the car that kicked it all off before the other arrived (if I recall
correctly) was W1 427 and here are some earlier sunny shots with pix taken
in the same locals as the Y1. Must have been a warm day, I didn't have my
cap on!! (and I always wore it) Hey Mick, note she is a BTH car too!



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May14#09  |  1763W x 1166H  | 318.5 KB |  
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May14#10  |  1771W x 1182H  | 365.32 KB |  
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May14#11  |  1733W x 1113H  | 335.06 KB |  
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May14#13  |  1680W x 1030H  | 323.52 KB |  
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May14#12  |  1597W x 1189H  | 309.92 KB |  
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May14#08  |  1196W x 1772H  | 327.67 KB |  
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May14#14  |  1695W x 1091H  | 353.69 KB |  
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May14#15  |  1687W x 1060H  | 316.63 KB |  
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May14#16  |  1740W x 1174H  | 372.53 KB |  
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May14#17  |  1196W x 1742H  | 322.09 KB |  
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May14#18  |  1740W x 1174H  | 403.36 KB |  
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May14#19  |  1740W x 1060H  | 349.5 KB |  
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May14#20  |  1551W x 1204H  | 349.34 KB |