Planning priorities - [Was skyrail]
  Mal Rowe

On 14/05/2019 09:31, Daniel Bowen wrote:

They concluded the reservation (particularly Caulfield to Oakleigh)
wasn't wide enough to do 4 tracks without acquiring hundreds of

They also decided they wanted to try and minimise disruption during
construction (eg trains could keep running at ground level while
most of the elevated structure was built), and maximise use of open
space under the tracks when they had finished (hence the design
which lets in light and rain).
All of which means express/stopper issues are not yet addressed, but
what the line has ended up with ticks most of the other boxes.

On 14/05/2019 10:49, Prescott wrote:

Ticking nine boxes out of ten with the prospect of the tenth being
ticked precluded forever into the future isn't really a solution.

I guess it's a matter of priorities.

The centralised transport planner may be focussed on getting vehicles and people along a route with maximum efficiency - and not consider the amenity of the people who live along the route (and probably also use the route).

A broader more democratic view takes into account the community.

For example, Sydney Rd traffic would flow much better if there was a total ban on parking and both lanes in each direction were used for tram and motor traffic.

However, that would destroy the road as a community, entertainment and shopping precinct - which is what it currently is - and The Peoples Republic of Moreland (aka Moreland City Council) are planning to keep Sydney Rd alive as a vibrant community precinct.

A good compromise is a system of Clearways - no parking during peak periods - which is currently what applies.

For the "Skyrail" the community along the line benefits greatly from the newly created open space ... and even those who opposed it originally are now speaking in favour of it.

See: for an article in today's paper.

So lets not turn our city streets into traffic sewers.

Mal Rowe - who prefers to live in a democracy rather than a "centrally planned" society

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