Posting to TDU on Google Groups
  Mal Rowe

Dudley Horscroft wrote:

So how come we receive all your posts by email?  Odd if you only
receive and send by a web page.

Google Groups allows you to post via your favourite email program by sending the email totramsdownunder@... (as long as you are a member).

You can also post by using the Google Groups website for TDU at:!forum/tramsdownunder

Each member can also choose to receive TDU messages via individual emails, as a summary or not at all (you can see the messages and reply by the web site).

In addition, for all, including the *MANY *TDU readers who are not even listmembers, posts and photos can be read and searched on Malcolm Miles' TDU archive at ... but you can't send messages from there.

Mal Rowe - who reckons it's all good value for the price!