RE: New Video: Driver’s View Dandenong Line Part 3 Skyrail Oakleigh to Caulfield 37 Minutes.
  William Jackson

1. It is still possible to get up and down Dandenong trains across to the Up and Down Through lines on the Up side of Caulfield, only the Down end connections have been removed.

2. Apart from very early and late, the Dandenong trains all run express South Yarra to Caulfield on the “Local Lines”

3. The Frankston trains stop all stations between South Yarra and Caulfield on the “Through Lines”

4. Yes, Oakleigh has been removed with the short working trains instead running through to Westall, and have done for years. There was only a couple of trains that were timetabled to terminate at Oakleigh. Oakleigh has at least retained the ability to terminate and return in each direction.


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This shows the last stage of level crossing removal on the Dandenong line.

The way it was done provided some quite spectacular scenes towards the end of the work.

Nevertheless a couple of points should be noted.

No doubt to save money, the 4 track alignment has been squandered in such a way that adding any more tracks will be prohibitively expensive. Also to be noted is the removal of the tracks which connected the Dandenong line across to the Frankston line express tracks at Caulfield which run to Flinders Street. The nett result is that VLine trains are condemned to following all stations trains all the way to and from Dandenong at least. With suburban trains running that far every 10 minutes, there is no way to go any faster.. Even the 3rd track at Oakleigh his been removed and this was a short working location.


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