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  Greg King

Hi Mal et el,

Okay, you want more?? YT was not quite immune to charters (though clearly they did not want them) so, one day I was called in was told I had been requested to run a charter for a group of UK tram fans ok, great! Then I got a full briefing about not stopping in front of other trams or holding them up, photo stops were allowed but ONLY if no other tram was behind me and on and on it went, the reason for the panic was, the majority of the trip was to be on M>trams routes!! (see Mal, they got their revenge!!). If you think Oz tram fans are bad on fan trips, these guys were like herding cats!! Especially at the phot run by at Balaclava Jct. It got to the point I had to have words with their leader and he read them the riot act that, they would get left behind if they did not comply! However, a great time was had.

The tram selected was, none other than our beloved B 2001. Unfortunately, I only took a few photos as I was running around with our YT organiser trying to keep a lid on things!

1. On home rails at Luna Park.

2. Caulfield siding with a few familiar bods in attendance

3. The farthest south of a regular tramway operation at East Brighton..

4. Deep inside enemy territory, Glenhuntly depot for lunch.

Hope you enjoyed.


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Ron Scholten

I for one - more please Greg

I have a story re Greg & 185

Called into the Office - I was asked would I do a charter for YT to Port Melbourne ?

Told - YT dont do charters but we - Swanston Trams - do

Yes - but cheeky me said can I pick the tram ?

Can I have M >Tram z3 185 as Im running over their routes - everyone in the office laughed & agreed

So out of Malvern in nearly branded z3 185 to pick up nearly 30 young ' uns at the 69 terminus

Proceeded to St Kilda Stn - turned into L/R & who was the first 96 driver but GK with a heavy frown

There was more to the story but this is large now

Enjoy - Fun Times

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