Re: When is a tram 'born' ?
  Matthew Geier

On 13/5/19 1:21 pm, Mal Rowe wrote:
> Hi Matthew,


> You raise an interesting point.


> It's my understanding that the date usually recorded is the date of

> entry into service - that's what PTV does in their official records in

> Melbourne.

Unfortunately the date of actual entry into service doesn't seem to have
been saved in the records retrieved.

I also have no idea if the car was accepted by the 'customer' on the
date in the documents I have, it was an invitation to inspect and
'accept' the car. No record of the result of this inspection is
available to us.

Even after 22 years, a LOT of information has been lost. There are more
records available on the entry into service and maintenance history's of
cars 80 years old than the 20 year old ones. No one keeps records like
they used to - kept for statutory required amount of time and then dispose.

Our civilization will have ceased to exist around the year 2000 for
future archaeologists.!