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All the Gold Coast crashes with trams are caused by drivers ignoring red traffic light turn arrows or permanent no right turn or U turn signs. No legal moves can result in collision.

There were 2 crashes at the same intersection in Southport about a week ago.. At present usually traffic may run parallel to the trams on the Green and T lights but sooner or later the Green light will be set to Red when the tram has its T.


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In most modern systems I have seen, there are traffic lights at road crossings which (should) prevent motorists turning across the path of approaching trams. It is not a matter of having to learn special rules relating to trams; there is no on-road stopping or hook turns here. Near misses from inattentive drivers is an ongoing problem, but for some reason it is now being highlighted as a "tram issue".

One of the cars in the ABC video appears to have come through a red light in a cross street. Pedestrians ignoring red lights and not looking is not exclusive to trams either.

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One of the reasons for the near misses is that most of the time there
are no trams. Testing is very intermittent. I have never seen a tram on
Northbourne Avenue. Okay, I am dependent on other people to drive me
around, so I haven't been able to hang around and watch, but the times I
have been there, there has just been concrete, plus some signs warning
motorists that the traffic light sequences are variable (presumably
because of the T lights). My lack of mobility is also why I haven't been
able to get and post any photos of the work (a source of frustration to
me), and why I won't be able to join the mobs on Saturday. For those who
are coming, enjoy the first day.

David Walker

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