Re: Car crashes into Adelaide tram stop.

So the car is actually on the platform. It's a bit hard to tell on the
photo but now I think I can see what looks like a terminating track on the
left and a through track on the right. One would think that some bollards
would have been installed on the platform ends to stop this type of mishap.
Rather like the Melbourne drive-over stops, no thought has been given to
protecting pedestrians, but of course plenty of attention to protecting
drivers from their own stupidity.

I was once talking to a city planner in Sydney about a new pedestrian
refuge in the middle of a road that had a bright yellow bollard on each
side of the refuge. I said I hoped that they were solid enough to stop a
car and the straight-faced answer I got was that they were made of hollow
plastic so as not to damage the car but were intended merely as a visual
alert for drivers. There's an entire entrenched mentality about cars in
this country to deal with.

Tony P