Opal cap (BSW)
  Roderick Smith

Lib won, so watch it happen.
Opal card cap to drop to $50 under Berejiklian election pledge March 18, 2019. 129 comments.
The weekly cap on Opal cards will be cut to $50 a week in an election pledge made by the Berejiklian government.
Currently those using an adult Opal card on trains, buses, ferries and light rail within the Opal network pay no more than $63.20 a week for their commuting.
The Coalition has pledged to cut the cap on weekly Opal fares from $63.20 to $50. Credit:Peter Rae
But in advertisements broadcast over the weekend, the Coalition announced that, if it is re-elected, the cap would be slashed by 20 per cent to $50.
Without the cap at all, a passenger travelling between Penrith and Town Hall during peak times from Monday to Friday would otherwise pay nearly $68.
Ms Berejiklian said it was expected 55,000 commuters would benefit from the lower cap and thousands would save up to $686 a year.
"Public transport is a significant cost for regular commuters and we want to make it more affordable," Ms Berejiklian said.
The promise shows the government is willing to sacrifice millions of dollars in revenue to alleviate cost-of-living pressures and win over voters. It collects about $30 million in revenue a week.
Public transport is shaping up as a key battleground in the state election campaign, with Labor promising to give school students free travel all year round and the Greens proposing $1 fares on all modes of public transport.
Ms Berejiklian said all other Opal benefits including the Weekly Travel Reward, the Opal Transfer Discount, the $2.50 Gold Opal cap and the $2.70 Sunday Cap will remain.
Labor leader Michael Daley dismissed the lower cap promise as pork-barrelling, saying the member for Penrith Stuart Ayres, who led the stadium demolition case, was “fighting for his life”.
The Liberals hold Penrith by a slim 6.2 per cent margin.
He said western Sydney voters had a choice – Labor’s toll-free M4 or the Liberal’s Opal card cap.
“I’m not matching that,” he said. “That’s a pitch for the people of Penrith and she can give the Opal card a haircut and shave, but she’s still stinging the people of Penrith with $2200 a year, 43 years of toll on the M4.”