Sydney Metro - Sydenham tunnel segment stockpile
  Matthew Geier

[image: MG Sydney Metro Sydenham tunnel segment stockpile.jpg]

There must be many thousands of these stockpiled now. The crane was loading
them 6 at a time onto the trucks in the distance. Presumably they are being
road freighted to the other TBM service shafts. The spoil is all leaving by
road as well.

The crane has a large display on it - they were loading the segments in two
groups of 3 onto the truck. According to the readout I could see from the
path along side the site, the lifting jig weighs about 3.5 tonnes, the
display read around 14 tonnes when lifting 3 segments, so those segments
are just over 3 tonnes each.
I did take some photos from the path, but the load display is multiplex and
unreadable on the photos I took (with my phone, I'm sure my mirror-less
Olympus would have done better, but the phone was with my, my Oly was not)

Presumably the tunnels all the way to Chatswood will be lined by these

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