Electric Bus Company AVASS wound up OT
  Richard Youl

This has come to me from the Electric Vehicle club but is forwarded partly because local electric bus development has been mentioned here before, and also for the technical minded, it gives insight into the equipment used. It is presented in extract form.

There must be considerable losses involved in scrapping unused buses.

Perhaps the Newcastle trams could do with some of these batteries.


Melbourne engineering firm AVASS were developing an electric bus program which has unfortunately been wound up. They've sold their supply of spare battery cells, but were hoping to sell the buses complete. The company has since decided to dismantle the buses and sell the parts.

A total of 676 cells. These are 460 Ah, 3.2 volt cells using lithium iron phosphate chemistry - a very safe and robust chemistry for home energy storage. They are not particularly high discharge cells, but will take a 100 amp charge and 200 amp discharge.