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Sun.10.3.19 Metro Twitter
Alamein/Belgrave/Lilydale lines: Buses replace trains Burnley - Box Hill until the last train of Mon 11 Mar (station 'upgrade' works [at Camberwell]. Trains will operate Camberwell - Alamein to an altered timetable.
17.35 Frankston line: Minor delays (a track fault at Carrum).
- 17.40 now major.
- 18.00 Passengers on trains approaching Carrum, we have staff currently on site working towards getting your train to Carrum.  Remain on the train.
- 18.07 Trains now on the move with major delays.
- 19.06 clearing.
- Is this because of level-crossing elimination work there?
Werribee/Williamstown lines: Buses replace trains North Melbourne - Newport/Williamstown from 20.30 (tunnel works).  Also Mon., Tues. & Wed. evenings.
- There will be thousands leaving DownloadFestAU from Flemington to North Melbourne after 20.30 to go to outer suburbs. Will there be enough buses to accommodate them?
- extra buses will be available at North Melbourne for passengers on the Sunbury, Werribee/Williamstown lines. [Typically, never enough].
Sunbury line: Buses replace trains North Melbouorne - Sunshine from 20.35 (tunnel works).
21.34 Hurstbridge line: Minor delays clearing after an earlier lightning strike near Alphington.
- Are you making this [anagram] up?  There was no lightning earlier.
PSO sends young woman flying during ugly clash at Flinders Street Station March 10, 2019.
A young woman is hurled into a wall outside Flinders Street Station.
Shocking footage has emerged showing a young woman being forcefully shoved into a wall by a Protective Services Officer at Flinders Street Station in the early hours of Sunday morning.
The footage, obtained by Nine News, appears to show a group of PSOs confronting a pack of young men outside the CBD's Flinders Street Station about 1.30am.
A slight young woman walks briskly towards the scene and as she approaches, a PSO - who appears to be holding capsicum spray - can be heard saying: "step back, step back."
"I'm going this way," she says, as she attempts to step around the PSO.
The young woman walks briskly through the scene.
He then hurls her back toward the direction she came from. She lands with a thump, hitting a wall and leaving her visibly shocked.
“No one gets in here,” the PSO says.
A Victoria Police spokeswoman said the young woman ignored "multiple warnings to stay back" as plain-clothed police officers were attempting to arrest a man.
"A woman has tried to walk between police and the man they were trying to arrest," the spokeswoman said.
"A PSO has pushed the woman, causing her to fall to the ground. She has then stood up and walked away from the scene.
"This incident is a timely reminder that arrests are dynamic and potentially dangerous situations.
"When police are responding to incidents, members of the public need to stand back to give police the space to ensure a safe and timely outcome for all parties. Professional Standards Command has received a complaint in relation to the incident by a third party, which will be investigated. The woman has not come forward to make a complaint."
The incident came on a night police used capsicum spray after several brawls broke out during the Moomba Festival on Saturday night.
Police have confirmed they arrested five people following three separate brawls between two groups of youths at Federation Square and Flinders Street Station between 10pm and 2am.
Three people were arrested for assault and two people for drunken behaviour.. Two penalty notices were also issued, one for riotous behaviour and one for weapons offences.
Melbourne Lord Mayor Sally Capp said the late night incidents were not related to the festival.
“My understanding is it's not linked to Moomba at all, that it's part of, unfortunately, some of the normal activities that go on during those hours in the city,” she said.
Related Article Police are now investigating. 'The three fights are linked': Five arrested following Moomba brawls

Bus driver's war of words 7 News Perth March 10, 2019
video: A WA bus driver has been caught on camera arguing with an ambulance driver obstructing his path.
Frustrated Perth bus driver ‘out of line’ over angry tirade on ambulance, witnesses say
A bus driver who demanded an ambulance responding to a car crash move out of his way was out of line, according to witnesses.
The frustrated bus driver on the 507 bus to Carousel Shopping Centre unleashed an angry tirade after an ambulance blocked the road at the scene of a car crash in Willetton on Saturday afternoon.
Paramedics were responding to reports a man was trapped in a car after he had smashed through a brick wall on Rostrata Avenue.
It was priority one call out. Paramedics arrived and closed the road.
A driver was trapped after this crash in Willetton. Picture: 7NEWS
Within minutes passengers started to film as the bus driver became irate.
“It was just uncalled for the way he responded to everything,” passenger Natasha Busano said.
“Who knows who could be hurt, someone could be dying, we don't know that.”
The ambulance did move but the bus driver's tirade wasn't over.
He pulled over again to target a tow truck driver next.
St John Ambulance say they believe the paramedics did the right thing - parking across the road - to protect the injured driver and all the emergency crews working to free him.
The Public Transport Authority called it a "minor dispute" and "disappointing but hardly newsworthy".
It conceded "on the face of it, this is not the sort of behaviour we expect of our bus drivers".